The Best kayak Seat: Our Top 5 Reviews & Buying Guide

by Jason | Last Updated:   October 8th, 2022
The Best kayak Seat: Our Top 5 Reviews & Buying Guide

You may have recently bought a kayak, but only to realize that after just a few hours of kayaking you start to experience back pain. Assuming you know how to kayak with proper posture, the most probable cause for your back pain is the kayak seat. It is common for most kayaks to come with a kayak seat that is not comfortable. Hence, we’ve decided to share our review of the most comfortable kayak seats with you.

We assure you that once done reading this article, you will know how to choose the most comfortable kayak seat and the best kayak seat for your needs.


Best Kayak Seats Review

Leader Accessories Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat 

This padded seat uses a durable EVA modeled foam interior covered by a 210D polyester exterior, designed to provide a comfortable sitting position. If you are looking for a deluxe seat cushion, you will enjoy this seat as it is soft and is capable of providing you lumbar support that is crucial for longer fishing trips. It also comes with adjustable straps that will allow it to be easily adjusted to different settings and fittings for people of different sizes and heights.

It has a high back seat that will allow you to keep your back and butt in ergonomic support. This seat also comes with a waterproof storage bag that is detachable and able to keep the chair safe and clean when it is put up in storage or is in need of being transmitted. Finally, it was designed to be easy to install and remove, which will make your trip a lot easier to get started and to wrap up, as needed.

  • Suitable for a long day of kayaking: The adjustable straps allow the kayak seat to be placed in a comfortable position. The padding is also extra thick and guarantees comfort even after hours of paddling.
  • Ideal for kayak fishing: The high back support design provides better upper back support when paddling and kayak fishing.
  • Best kayak seat for bad back: The 18-inch high backrest in combination with the extra thick padding ensures that your back is fully supported.
  • Leaves temporary marks on the body: If you are wearing shorts or a bathing suit, chances are you will get marks on the back of your legs due to the design.
  • Not designed for sit-inside kayaks: It would take some adjustments to a sit-inside kayak before you can attach it to it.

OceanMotion Ergo-Fit Sit On Top Kayak Seat

In order to sit in kayaks, it is important to have a deluxe seat that is comfortable and corrosion resistant to help and make sure that your kayaking trip will be comfortable. It uses extra thick padding that has a reinforced back that has a more rigid design. It does come with a detachable storage bag to keep the seat safe, and when buying a kayak seat, this one has enough padding to make it comfortable for short trips or longer trips. Plus, the bottom of the seat has a non-slip bottom that will help to keep it stabilized when getting in and out of the kayak or when you have to stand up in the kayak, while out on the water.

This seat does come with a 1-year warranty that helps to give peace of mind in purchasing this seat against product defects that are uncommon and unforeseen. It can help to provide lumbar support unlike other kayak seats, and it can help to minimize fatigue. Finally, it has a universal design that will allow it to attach to most types of kayaks with relative ease. This seat also has a small pouch that connects to the back of the seat, which is waterproof and will allow you to keep some of your personal effects safe and dry during the journey.

  • Suitable for a long day of kayaking: The extra thick padding allows you to spend more hours paddling without your back getting sore.
  • Ideal for sit on top kayaks: The reinforced backrest provides sufficient support and ensures that you do not feel like tipping backward while paddling.
  • Buckles might not hold the straps: There’s been a complaint of needing to adjust the straps every few minutes
  • Not designed for sit-inside kayaks: It would take some adjustments to a sit-inside kayak before you can attach it to it.

Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat Back

This seat has a reflective logo that provides a nice look to the seat, and it comes with plenty of padding to provide you with plenty of lumbar support that will allow you to sit in kayaks without being uncomfortable, which will allow you to focus on fun. It has adjustable straps on the sides which helps to allow the paddler to fine-tune the seat to different comfort options based on their individual preference. Plus, it has a softer ride with extra padding than usually comes with regular kayak seats.

It does use a tough nylon construction that has a built-in ventilation system that will help to keep the paddler not only dry but cool, as well. The buckles are made from brass, which makes them suitable for long trips, and the seat is used by UV-resistant. It also has a 4-way adjustment system that will allow you the best adjustment situation for individual use. This seat is designed to help cradle your back to provide a custom fit to just about anybody’s time, and the extra foam will help to support everything. After the logo is exposed to sunlight, it will illuminate in the dark, due to the reflective logo that is just an extra visual feature to sets this model apart.

  • Easy to install: The kayak seat is very easy and simple to install.
  • Good lower back support: It is easily adjustable to provide good lower back support.
  • Storage bag not included: Doesn’t come with a storage bag for attaching behind the backrest
  • Moderate padding thickness: The padding is less than 1/2 inch making you feel uncomfortable after paddling for more than 2 hours.
  • Not designed for sit-inside kayaks: It would take some adjustments to a sit-inside kayak before you can attach it to it.

Pelican Boats – Sit-On-Top Kayak or SUP Seat

These pelican kayak seats are designed to provide ultimate comfort when out on the water, and they have a simple design that is excellent for stand-up paddleboard or kayaking. It is a water-repellent seat that is made from resistant nylon, which is perfect for easy upkeep of the seat. It is important to remember that this kit does not come with this seat. Therefore, if you find that you need the kit to mount it to your kayak, you will have to purchase it separately.

It uses D-rings to attach the seat to most kayaks that use a PS1015-2 mounting kit. The seat has enough padding to make it a comfortable ride, and finally, it folds up and is easy to transport, as needed. The multi-adjustment web strap system that comes with this seat makes it easy to strap to the kayak, and unlike regular kayak seats, this particular seat has an articulated design that will help to maximize your comfort, and you will be able to adjust it to your likings, to help and ensure that everything goes according to your plans and preferences.

  • Ideal for children: The low backrest provides ample support for children, but not for adults who wish to paddle for hours on end.
  • Affordable: The kayak seat is surprisingly sturdy and of good quality for its price.
  • Storage bag not included: Doesn’t come with a storage bag for attaching behind the backrest.
  • Not enough back support: The low backrest makes it very difficult to paddle for long hours without feeling uncomfortable.

Deluxe Molded Foam Kayak Seat

This deluxe molded foam kayak seat is made from imported material that is high-quality, and it is designed to be a detachable cushion and has a seat cushion that allows it to lift higher than other seats. Plus, the higher seat back is capable of providing quality lumbar support that is excellent for longer kayaking trips. The back is ergonomically sculpted that helps with supporting when you are standing or sitting in the kayak. It comes with a detachable zipper pack that makes it easy to transport and keeps the seat safe from damage.

The straps can vary depending on different things, but they are always quality straps that will help to keep the seat from slipping when you are standing up in the kayak, which can be important to ensure that it doesn’t slide during the process. Plus, it comes with built-in fishing rod securing straps that will make it easier to keep your fishing pole steady when you need to grab something or just need a break.

  • Ideal for kayak fishing: The detachable 3-inch cushion allows you to sit much higher, increasing your casting distance. Also, the storage bag has two-rod holders for securing your rod when paddling
  • Suitable for a long day of kayaking: The rigid back support coupled with extra thick padding guarantees comfort even after hours of paddling.
  • Not designed for sit-inside kayaks: It would take some adjustments to a sit-inside kayak before you can attach it to it.

Our Top Choice

While there are different types of kayak seats on the market, always choose one that offers maximum comfort. This not only allows you to paddle for more hours but also enjoy your kayak fishing, touring, and camping adventures. So whether you are looking for the best kayak seat for sit-on-top kayaks or kayak fishing, choose one with high back support and thick padding. With this in mind, we recommend the OceanMotion Ergo-Fit kayak seat as the best sit-on-top kayak seat.

All in all, it is important that you know what type of seat you are looking for before you make your final decision. They all have their pros and cons, but it is important that you know the different things that make each one separate from the other seats, to help ensure that the one you purchase will have everything you need and that you don’t go off of what other people say is the best.

How To Choose The Most Comfortable Kayak Seat

If you’re like most people, you’re probably looking for the most comfortable kayak seat on the market. This is probably the top reason one would consider purchasing a new kayak seat.

We took the liberty of exploring what makes a kayak seat comfortable and came up with 5 factors. In what follows, we’ll highlight these 5 factors that were also taken into account when reviewing the best kayak seats above.

Able to secure

A kayak seat that is properly secured will keep you from feeling like you are sitting on the ground. This is why the best kayak seats will have side and rear straps for securing the backrest. When recovering from capsizing, these straps will also ensure that the kayak seat remains in place.

In addition, these straps should make it possible to adjust the kayak seat more forward or backward depending on your preference. Besides side and rear straps, you also have knee straps also known as thigh braces.

They improve your performance, control over your kayak and give you a greater chance of performing an Eskimo roll with a sit-on-top kayak. In any case, these straps will have brass clips and/or plastic buckles for securing the kayak seat to the kayak.

Back support

Another important factor that affects how comfortable a kayak seat is the backrest. This will depend on the seat back height and stiffness. A higher backrest will provide more comfort if you have a bad back, paddle relaxed, or plan on kayak fishing.

It is also ideal if you are a very tall person like above 6 feet. In this case, you should aim for a kayak seat that is at least 18 inches tall.

On the other hand, very active paddlers are better off with a kayak seat that is shorter than 12 inches. This gives you the freedom for full torso rotation, allowing you to make a good forward stroke but also lean back and perform the Eskimo roll.

Kayak seats come in different levels of stiffness. The decision regarding which is right for you depends on your intended kayaking activity. If you plan on doing some rough water adventure like surf kayaking then you are better off with a flexible backrest. This will make it possible to perform an Eskimo roll or the leaning postures needed in whitewater kayaking.


Imagine that you are setting out to paddle for a few hours, but after an hour of paddling your back and butt are already drenched with sweat. Rest assured that the remainder of your paddling will be less comfortable and enjoyable. This is one of the most common issues you will face, especially in the summer, if you choose the wrong kayak seat.

Essentially, you need to choose a kayak seat that can withstand the elements but is also breathable enough to reduce sweat. Some kayak seats specially designed for kayak fishing also come with a metal frame that allows for height adjustment. In most cases, it shouldn’t be a problem, but just in case, make sure the metal frame is aluminum. This ensures that the kayak seat is lightweight and rust-free.


Lastly, the padding of your kayak seat also has a major influence on your level of comfort when out kayaking. Some kayak seats have little padding, which is just enough to keep you comfortable for a few hours. One way of picking them out is by looking at their price tag and the lack of premium back support and extra storage. All-in-all, they are best suited for short recreational kayaking trips.

If you are planning on going kayak fishing, kayak camping or simply have back issues then you are better off with a deluxe kayak seat. These types of kayak seats are better suited for longer kayaking adventures given their added back support and extra padding.

These kayak seats will either have foam or gel padding. Foam padding is more durable but can compress over time, making it less comfortable. On the other hand, gel padding is the most comfortable but also less durable.

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