The Best Tent For Hot Weather: Top 5 Picks & Tips

by Julie | Last Updated:   October 8th, 2022
The Best Tent For Hot Weather: Top 5 Picks & Tips

Summer is the best time of year to be outdoors and summer camping is something that many people look forward to. Everyone loves to get away for a little bit and enjoy their free time in the outdoors, and camping is one of the best ways to do that. While summer provides more free time, and nicer weather, it is much hotter.

There is nothing worse than having to sleep in a hot and muggy tent. Which is exactly what we are here to help you out with. Your tent is your most critical piece of camping gear, but you really need the right one if you’re going to be camping a lot in hot weather.

We will detail a list that we consider to be the best tents for hot weather, so you can enjoy your summer camping trips, and be able to sleep comfortably at night.


Reviewing The 5 Best Tents For Hot Weather

Coleman Dome Tent For Camping

Coleman is a popular name in the outdoor industry with its wide variety of products, especially for the camping scene. You can find Coleman tents, stoves, mugs, and more almost anywhere. They’ve got a good reputation for making lasting and durable products.

This Coleman Dome Tent is no different, and it is a great summer tent option. This tent is good for withstanding hot weather because it is a one-season tent which means that is made of much lighter and more breathable material that wouldn’t be ideal for any other time of year. It also features a screen room that is not only great for remaining bug-free, but for keeping the rest of your tent cool.

Made with heat-reducing material and features, this summer camping tent allows ample cross ventilation to constantly keep air circulating. Also, it includes DarkRoom Technology that blocks 90% of the sun’s rays from getting inside of the tent so that you can sleep more comfortably and longer.

It is not only designed to beat hot weather, but all other inclement weather you experience during the summer as well. The welded corners and inverted seams are designed to prevent any leaking during rainstorms, the included rainfly offers extra protection, and the sturdy frame is built to withstand strong winds. This Coleman Dark Room and screen room included tent checks off a lot on our list for an ideal hot weather tent.

  • Perfect size for 2 adults, and easily fits queen-sized air bed
  • Customers love the darkroom technology, they say it really works and allows for deeper, more comfortable sleep
  • Withstands inclement weather conditions well
  • Easy to set up
  • Great air circulation and ventilation
  • The rain fly does not cover the screen room portion of the tent so it will get wet
  • A couple of customers have reported leaks during rain, and tent material is a bit baggy
  • Few customers comment that the dark room feature doesn’t cover the whole tent and while it blocks some of the sunlight, not as much as advertised

Gazelle T4 Camping Hub Tent

The Gazelle T4 is a pop-up, rectangular, hub tent that features a screened sunroom. It is incredibly easy to set up and claims that it can be done within 90 seconds. Don’t let the hub tent design confuse you, it is very similar to a cabin tent!

Why has this tent made it on our best hot weather tent list? That’s because of its special features that make summer camping comfortable. First, is the fact that its material is made with Ultra Violet protection in mind, like sunscreen it has a rating of sunlight protection up to UV50+. So, you can relax in this sun shelter without worrying about getting a sunburn.

Next, there is the screen room area which is convertible into a secondary sleeping space. This feature makes camping in hot weather bearable because the best way to stay cool inside the tent is to have ample air circulation. The mesh windows and large mesh screen room provide exactly that to maximize airflow.

This is an 8 person tent which means that it is a bit heavier than you would want for a backpacking tent, but for your camping trips at an easy access campground, this is an awesome choice. It also features a detachable floor and overhead gear loft, the rain fly is included for added water resistance and weather protection.

  • Customers love how huge and spacious it is
  • Watertight and windproof, a few customers had this tent hold up very well against some strong storms
  • The oversized carry bag makes it extremely easy to pack away
  • Does well in the warm weather, especially if you have it set up under some shade or cover it keeps the tent nice and cool
  • Fast and easy setup
  • A couple of customers have complained of the poles and hub connections failing or breaking
  • It is a rather heavy tent

Campros 8 Person Camping Tent

The Campros 8 person tent is a 4 season tent. This could make it or break it for you depending on how well ventilated it is and the amount of air circulation it receives. A 4 season tent is more durable and typically made with thicker material and stronger or heavier poles so that it can withstand the harshness of winter. Yet, since it is for all seasons, it must-have features that make it comfortable for summer too.

The way this tent handles hot summer weather is by featuring 5 mesh windows, 1 large mesh door, and a complete mesh ceiling. Without the rain fly on it, this 8 person, essentially mesh tent, is designed to be functional and comfortable in warm weather and while summer camping. Having a large portion of the tent made from mesh allows for maximum airflow which will keep your tent cool in the long run. Ventilation and air circulation can make all the difference.

This camping tent features a spacious interior that is capable of housing 3 queen-sized air beds and can have separated rooms with the removable divider as an option for added privacy. You can also use the room divider as a screen to project movies on! The tent is all together relatively lightweight for its size making it a possible backpacking tent option.

As far as 4 season tents go, the Campros is a pretty great option because of its’ use diversity and capability of being a great tent that is ideal for hot weather and cold during all seasons. It is designed with water resistance in mind with its 185T Polyester material and 1000mm polyurethane hydrostatic coating. So, your camping trip won’t be ruined by any inclement weather.

  • Customers love how open and spacious this tent is with the complete mesh ceiling that keeps you bug-free
  • Completely waterproof
  • Smooth door zipper
  • Customers say it is super easy and fast to setup
  • Highly durable and able to withstand not only the weather but rambunctious children
  • The room divider is not as big as expected and attaches by toggles, not giving you as much privacy
  • Only 1 zipper on the door and a couple of customers have had the zipper rip off
  • Some customers have had issues with the tent poles breaking or made too short

Coleman Sundome Tent

It should be no surprise to see a second Coleman tent on our list, we went over how popular their brand name is after all in the camping scene. This 2 person tent is one of the most conveniently priced tents on the market and includes some excellent features for warm-weather camping. As a 3 season tent this one is better suited for the milder seasons of spring, summer, and fall.

This is a perfect backpacking tent that features large mesh windows, and a ground vent that pushes the warm air up and out of the tent for increased airflow. The welded floors and inverted seams provide water resistance and leak prevention, and the sturdy design and shock-corded poles allow this small tent to withstand strong winds. It is made from Polyguard 2X double-thick material for ultimate weatherproofing and durability so that this camping tent will last.

There are the Variflow air ventilation features that are adjustable so you can control the airflow in your tent, and a vented Cool-Air port for additional air circulation. Your quality of life additions include an E-Port for your electrical cord access, an interior gear pocket, and a privacy vent window.

The Coleman Sundome is one of the best tents for camping in the summer, especially for beginner and solo campers. If you are looking for 3 season tents then this one is worth a look because of its affordable pricing and plentiful features for a smaller tent.

  • Excellent waterproofing, several customers have reported on it holding up extremely well during rainstorms.
  • Breathable even with the rainfly on and additional tarp
  • Setup is simple and quick
  • Customers exclaim that this is an awesome tent for hot weather
  • A few customers have experienced broken poles
  • Possible leaks during rain
  • Only 2 full walls, the other 2 are mesh walls and can’t shut so it is possible that rain could come in. They are advertised as mesh windows, but customers report they are like completely mesh walls

Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

An instant cabin tent is always a great choice because setting it up can take seconds. That’s not why the Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent is on our list though. It’s because of how it functions as a hot weather tent. This is the best tent you can have for your summer camping trip. Let’s find out why!

First of all, this tent is huge with a spacious interior that easily accommodates 2 queen-sized air beds. It features wall storage pockets so you can organize your smaller camping gear and keep clutter from piling up. You’ve got a room divider for added privacy, and electrical cord access port so you can use or charge your devices.

Where this tent really shines is how well it is designed to handle tropical climates and any hot weather conditions. It features a large T-door with huge mesh windows, an advanced system of vents to push out warm air, several mesh windows, and a mesh ceiling all to maximize air circulation that will keep your tent cool. The T-door can be tied open looking much like a gazebo and makes for an excellent space to stay out of the sun, keep cool, and hang out.

In terms of dealing with inclement weather, remember this is a 3 season tent that is made to be used in spring, summer, and fall. It features the CORE H20 Block Technology which heat seals the seams for utmost water resistance, and the rainfly is large enough to securely cover the entire mesh ceiling and is made to keep your tent dry. This is all around a great tent for summer.

  • Sets up in 90 seconds or less
  • Spacious and comfortable for family camping trips
  • Customers say the ventilation is excellent for warm weather
  • Several customers have reported the tent holding up well during the rain and staying completely dry
  • Not all windows have tie-up straps so the material hangs
  • A couple of customers have experienced tearing at the seams
  • Few have been received with tears or holes in the tent upon opening the package

Our Top Choice

We’ve listed some great tents for hot weather above, but which one stands out as better than all the rest? That would have to be the CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent. This tent just covers all the bases you need to be able to enjoy camping during a hot summer. It’s versatile since it is also a 3 season tent so it’s great to use during spring and fall weather as well.

If you want a tent for warm weather this is the one to go with, especially if you’re planning on family camping trips or going with a group of friends. The interior is spacious enough to fit 2 queen air beds, and the center height gives you plenty of room to walk freely without having to duck down. There is a room divider too so you can turn it into a 2-room tent for additional privacy whenever you need it.

If you’re camping in the summer or tropical climates; the mesh walls, windows, door, and complete mesh ceiling offer not just optimal air circulation and ventilation, but an incredible view of the night sky. In times of inclement weather, this tent is made with CORE H20 Block Technology to keep you dry and the rainfly covers the entire top of the tent.

One of the best features that make this tent a cut above other summer tents is the huge T-shaped door that you can roll back to use as an open and protected space. It makes the tent seem more like a gazebo which is perfect for all outdoor activities whether it’s chilling out with friends or family, eating, playing card games, reading, you name it. Even when the door is zippered closed it has large mesh windows that allow for ample airflow, and then make it a completely bug-free zone.

If you want a relaxing and easy camping trip then this is the tent for you! It is an instant setup cabin tent you can have pitched in 90 seconds or less, and break down is just as easy. You’ll stay cool and comfortable.

How To Choose The Best Tent For Hot Weather

What do you need to consider when choosing the most important piece of your camping gear? We will detail the particular features we look at when considering the best tents for hot weather.

You should do your research well beforehand if you are planning a summer camping trip and need a new tent, remember it is all part of planning and preparing appropriately!

Choose The Right Season Tent

If you are primarily hot weather camping, then your best choice is going to be in a three-season tent or a one-season tent. Now, one of these options is better than the other, but it is important to go over their strengths and weaknesses so that you can choose for yourself. Maybe you are someone who only needs a one-season summer tent because you strictly camp in hot weather. Or maybe you’re not.

One Season Tents

First, let’s talk about one-season tents. This kind of tent is made from much lighter and breathable material. This allows the inside of the tent to keep cool and promotes airflow so that you can sleep comfortably at night. It does not hold in heat well, so if you use it in cooler temperatures it will not retain the amount of heat inside that you want to stay warm. One-season tents are only great for hot weather camping.

The Coleman Dome Tent we have listed above is a single-season tent. It is a great option and features the DarkRoom Technology that blocks up to 90% of sunlight so you can sleep in longer. If you’re casually camping in the summer and just enjoying your time in the outdoors then this tent could be perfect for you.

3 Season Tents

Next, let’s discuss 3 season tents. These are the best option. Why? Because of their versatility, they are made to be both breathable and can retain heat during those colder days in spring or fall. We consider 3 season tents to be the best hot weather tents because of this.

They offer ample ventilation with the screen ceilings, doors, and windows, several will even have adjustable ground vents to help pull in the cool air from the ground and push out the warm air. You can stay cool in hot weather, and warm on those cold spring and fall nights. The material is often made a little thicker and more durable because it needs to withstand the different elements that all 3 of those seasons bring.

The Coleman Sundome and CORE Instant Cabin are two of the best 3 season tents we have found which is why they are on the list above for you to check out!

Tent Temperature Control: Must-have features

You want to feel comfortable in your tent, and when you camp in the summer, it very easily gets way too hot in the tent. So what are some of the features that are a must-have to prevent this?

Mesh is your friend when it is hot outside. Having a mesh ceiling, door, and window can make a huge difference on its own. This is because it allows the tent to “breathe” fresh air is constantly able to circulate through your tent, which is key. Proper ventilation ensures that the air in your tent won’t become stagnant and heat up even more than the outside.

Adjustable ground vents allow you to choose how much air you want to let inside. During the night you may want it to let in more air because the ground will cool at night and the vents will pull in that cool air and push the warm air out. During the day you may want them more closed so that it doesn’t allow the heated ground air inside.

Honestly, the amount of mesh on the tent is a truly important feature to look for. If you mix that with putting your tent under some shade or close to a body of water, it will keep your tent even cooler because it will just be circulating the cool air from those areas than if it is left in the sun.


The setup is an important thing to look at regardless of the weather you are in. You want to be able to pitch your tent quickly and easily no matter what, but especially if it is too hot, or too cold outside.

That is why there is a variety of tent styles on our list. Dome tents are the simplest and most common tent that almost anyone will know how to set up. All dome tents are essentially the same when it comes to pitching them. Usually, the poles will create an “X” frame and you fit it appropriately to the tent so it’s set up in a matter of minutes.

The Instant cabin tents are obviously the fastest as implied by their name. Cabin tents are more upright because the center height is uniform, unlike dome tents. You can pitch an instant cabin tent in seconds which is great if you get to the campsite late, or the weather is not agreeable to spend an hour trying to set up your tent.

Keep that in mind when you are choosing your summer tent!

Tips On Staying Cool In Your tent

It is more than just choosing the right tent to keep you cool when you are hot weather camping. You have to be smart about what you pack, how you dress, where you pitch your tent, the area that you plan to be camping at, and more. Your own preparation is just as vital as finding a tent that can do well in the heat.

When planning your camping trip be sure to note what the environment looks like. You need to plan ahead on the hot weather because if you decide to go somewhere that offers you no reprieve from the sun and heat, then regardless of what you do it may turn out to be a miserable trip. Camping in areas that offer some kind of cover and shade is the best.

It doesn’t matter if it is under the trees, or beside a canyon wall, you want to pitch your tent in an area that has the most amount of shade for the longest period of time. You could have the best hot weather tent in the world, and that wouldn’t help much if you’re just sitting out in the sun all day long.

Face your tent away from the rising sun, and in a place where the sunlight won’t hit it immediately. Also, face your tent into the wind so the air is constantly circulating through it to keep it cooler.

Pitch it next to a body of water. Anywhere close to the water will be cooler than away from it, and the breezes coming off the water will be even cooler making for an excellent way to beat the heat inside your tent. Depressions or caves or some kind of hole will have the same effect. Those natural areas will be cooler than the surface or higher land around you.

Always pack a copious amount of water, and ways to purify water if needed. Never wear heavy clothing, you need things that are light and airy that can wick away moisture.

By doing some, if not all, of these things, will help you to beat the hot weather!

Additional Accessories To Keep You Cool

There are always things you can bring that will help you to cool off in the hot weather. Such things include battery-operated fans. They are convenient and portable, and you can use them at night to help you sleep more comfortably. The only downside is you’ll have to be sure to pack plenty of extra batteries!

If you are at a campground with access to electrical outlets, then you can utilize plug-in fans and not have to worry about bringing extra batteries to last you through your camping trip.

You can also find portable, camping air conditioners. Yes, it is true they make air conditioners you can take with you on camping trips. This is great, especially if you are someone who has the tendency to run hot all the time, then hot weather really is your worst nightmare. You can find a plethora of air conditioners online and for a wide variety of prices. Beware that some of them can get really expensive!

Key Insights & Takeaways

The best tents for hot weather are out there, and we have given you a pretty excellent list to get you started on your search. No one wants to spend their summer camping trip miserable from the heat, so, do yourself a favor and plan accordingly.

The right tent can make all the difference. Use the tips we have provided to your advantage! Don’t let the heat stop you from getting out there backpacking, camping, and just enjoying the outdoors!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep my tent cool in hot weather?

Some tips to keep your tent cool in the summer heat are to choose your campsite carefully, pack and dress appropriately, and bring lots of water!

To clarify this a bit more when I say to choose your campsite carefully I mean to look for areas that are naturally cool that would be ideal to pitch your tent. Areas that are shaded through large parts of the day, close to water like a pond or lake will keep your tent cool with the wind coming off the water. Natural depressions in the earth will be cooler than any other area around it, too.

Always bring more water than you think you’ll need especially in hot weather. At the very least bring some sort of water purification too so you can utilize any water bodies around you.

Don’t wear heavy clothing like jeans, always wear things that are light and breathable that can wick away moisture.

What tent color is ideal during summer?

Most summer tents are designed to deal with the hot weather, and part of that is avoiding darker colors. Dark colors like black absorb more of the sun’s rays which inadvertently means they draw in more heat. Light color tents are the best for hot weather camping because they won’t draw in as much of the sun’s rays and heat. They will stay cooler than darker color tents.

Are there tents that stay cool?

There are tents that stay cool depending on their features. If they feature plenty of mesh, then they circulate air far more than tents that don’t have as many mesh features. It allows the tent to be ventilated by fresh air constantly so that it doesn’t get trapped and become hotter than the outside air. If you mix this with properly positioning your tent, then you won’t need anything extra like fans or air conditioning.

Are tents hot in the summer?

Yes, tents can get hot, very hot, in the summer. That is why you must choose a tent that is the appropriate season tent allowing it to be breathable and not trap the hot air inside. Hot weather camping is still fun because if you get the appropriate tent with the right features that keep it ventilated, then your shelter will remain comfortable and easy for you to sleep in.

You can bring additional accessories like fans, or portable air conditioners to cool you off, but that isn’t necessary if you set up your campsite right. Always try to pitch your tent in the shade, close to water, in natural depressions, or facing into the wind for maximum airflow and circulation. If you do this, then you won’t need to bring any extra accessories.

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