Our Top 5 Best Ice Fishing Boots For Warm And Dry Feet

by Julie | Last Updated:   October 8th, 2022
Our Top 5 Best Ice Fishing Boots For Warm And Dry Feet

It’s that time of year, the ice is starting to form in some places right about now, and it’s only going to get colder. That means it’s time to dust off your old ice fishing gear and make sure you got everything sorted! Wintertime can be dreary and miserable for some people, but if you love to be outdoors, then get out on the ice and try some ice fishing.

For those new or experienced in this highly popular winter sport, you’ll know you’re going to need the right gear in order to be prepared for conditions on the ice. Staying warm is by far the most vital thing, and regardless of whether you’re planning to be ice fishing, skiing, snowshoeing, etc. you need to have appropriate footwear. Your feet are the parts of you that you don’t want to get cold because as soon as that happens the fun is over.

Cold feet are the worst, they can hurt, be uncomfortable, and make the rest of your body feel colder too. If your feet are getting cold then it means they are susceptible to getting frostbite too, and that’s the last thing you want to happen.

Never fear, we are here to provide you with a list of the best ice fishing boots for you to choose from! Picking the right pair of boots can make a huge difference. It could make the difference if you’re able to stay out ice fishing for two hours or six without your feet getting cold. Ice fishing is an all-day sport too, typically. There are a lot of ice fishermen that will stay out from dawn till dusk, especially if they’re in a good spot and catching some nice fish.

So, let’s go over our top picks for the best ice fishing boots we’ve found and how they made it into our top 5.


Reviewing The 5 Best Ice Fishing Boots

Kamik Men’s Icebreaker Insulated Winter Boots

Kamiks Icebreaker winter boots are much more than basic-looking muck boots. They are designed with cold weather and ice in mind. Simple but effective is often the best way to do things after all. They are the kind of rubber boots that will last and keep your feet warm in those frigid conditions while ice fishing.

These ice fishing boots feature Rubber soles that are designed to grip icy, slushy, and wet surfaces more so than any other winter boot. You don’t want to be sliding everywhere when trying to set up your tip-ups or rushing to get to one with a flag up and a fish on. These are completely waterproof boots including the adjustable collar that you can tighten snuggly to your legs to fit inside snow pants, and to ensure no snow or ice accidentally gets inside of them.

They have a temperature rating of -40 degrees Fahrenheit, so you know that they should be able to keep your feet warm! These boots have wool lining and a removable Zylex liner and insole, which is an incredibly helpful feature to have. Having a removable liner and insoles of your boots make it easier to dry out in the case it does get wet, and you can warm up your liners before putting them on and into your boots to keep your feet extra warm and toasty for longer.

Surprisingly lightweight these boots are excellent for all kinds of terrain and conditions and will keep your feet dry, and your footing more secure on slippery ice. They are tall boots so you can trudge through deep snow without much worry too, which is what makes them an excellent choice for an ice fishing boot.

  • Great for large feet by having a wider opening which you can adjust
  • A removable liner makes it much easier to get the boot on. Put the liner on first and then slide your foot into the boot and it will prevent the liners from getting bunched up too
  • Customers exclaim how well they keep your feet warm and dry
  • Much lighter than your average rubber boots
  • Fit great and if you’re someone that needs support insoles, there’s enough room to slide them in for added comfort
  • A couple of customers have had issues with the sole separating or the metal piece that’s inside the sole of the boot has started to tear the sole and ruin traction
  • Some have experienced them being not as durable as advertised
  • Not great for negative temperatures while ice fishing

Kamiks Men’s Nationplus Boot

If you’re someone who likes full-grain leather and an ultra-plush and comfortable boot, then the Kamiks Nationplus may be the best boots for you. These are the kind of ice fishing boots that will just keep your feet nice and cozy with their Comfort Fresh Footbed, which if you’re going to be out there for a while, that’s exactly what you want.

This kind of snow boot features a removable liner and 200B Thinsulate ultra insulation that will keep your toes warm. Also, with their moisture-wicking lining, it makes any winter sport more comfortable even in extreme cold. If your feet start to sweat the moisture will be wicked away so that it won’t bring a chill into your boots and your feet.

Being that you’ll be in mostly wet weather and conditions while ice fishing, these leather boots feature a rustproof speed lacing system so you won’t have to worry about the braces for the boot laces rusting off or then slicing into your laces. Also, the rubber sole, synthetic rubber shell, and sealed seam waterproofing will keep your feet high and dry. If you’re going to be catching fish through the ice then having fully waterproof boots is an essential piece of outdoor gear.

This pair of tall full-grain insulated leather boots are high on our list because of their reliability, comfort, and capability to make sure you stay warm. Winter fishing means you could be seeing extremely cold temperatures and wind chill some days, so preventing wet feet and cold toes is vital.

  • Fit great and are very comfortable
  • Affordable and made from good sturdy materials
  • Customers say they are very warm and do have good traction on ice
  • Some customers complain of cheap rubber quality that splits easily
  • A few say the soles are very flimsy and soft
  • Not actually -40 degrees Fahrenheit rated

Kamik Men’s Canuck Cold Weather Boot

As you can probably tell by now, Kamik is a popular choice when it comes to ice fishing boots. This is because they have variety and are a popular brand that many people love. They are durable and warm and made with outdoor activity in mind. So, the Canuck Cold Weather Boot is no different.

These insulated boots are knee-high and feature an adjustable snow collar that you can tighten and lock into place with the bungee lacing system. There are two bungee laces: one for the top of the boot and another for around your ankle that you can tighten to your preference. This kind of boot system is great because it prevents snow from falling inside your boots which would then get your feet wet and cold.

The boot materials consist of 1000 Denier waterproof nylon and a rubber shell for the foot so this boot offers complete waterproof construction inside and out. The lightweight outer soles are constructed from a rubber material that increases your traction on slippery surfaces like ice, snow, and slush. Which are all conditions that you will encounter during any winter activity, not just ice fishing.

They can be found in both men’s boots and women’s as well, offering sizes for each. Just add some thick socks and these will make great winter fishing boots for anyone!

  • Customers claim the boots are in fact incredibly waterproof and keep your feet dry without any leaks
  • Your feet stay warm even in single-digit temperatures or lower
  • Great for all activities from shoveling your driveway, to walking up a ski slope, trudging through 3 feet of snow, and snowmobiling
  • Easy to slide on and off your foot
  • Have flat bottoms with little to no support, you will want to put supportive insoles inside them
  • Sizing may be off. The product says true to size but reviewers claim they run big

Aleader Men’s Insulated Waterproof Winter Snow Boots

This is a great pair of boots if you want to be comfortable and warm. ALEADER strives to provide the best outdoor gear that fits comfortably and meets all your durability standards. When it comes to cold weather boots, these have made it high on our list because they hold up in the frigid temperatures.

The upper portion of these snow boots features plush, soft faux fur lining that not only feels super cozy but retains heat. The Thermolite insulation also keeps them lightweight so they aren’t too heavy and clunky when walking. They’re easy to pull on and feature a drawstring boot system and a velcro strap around the ankle so you can tighten them down as you need for a comfortable fit.

The rubber soles are durable and provide traction and slip resistance thanks to the non-slip patches on the bottom. You can use them on any and all kinds of terrain!

They are designed to keep you dry with water-repellant nylon and completely waterproof rubber soles. All the seams are sealed as well to prevent leaks and make sure this snow boot will perform as it should regardless of rain, snow, and icy conditions. These may be the most comfortable and plush insulated boots on this list!

  • Incredibly soft and even more comfortable than expected
  • The drawstring system at the top of the boot really helps to retain heat inside
  • Ample sole insulation and thickness so you don’t pull in the cold air from the ground
  • Higher quality pair of boots than expected for the price
  • Customers say they are great at keeping your feet dry and warm
  • Sizing isn’t exactly true to fit
  • A couple of customers have had the nylon upper tear
  • The ankle velcro strap is much too long to be useful at all

Kamik Men’s Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boot

Once again another Kamik boot has made it onto the list. You can’t beat this brand with their high quality and great designs that show versatility and functionality with keeping your feet warm and dry. There are many customers who rave that Kamik boots are better than Sorels like the sorel men’s conquest boot, which is another popular winter boot. Needless to say, this brand will likely offer you the best ice fishing boots that you can find.

Their Greenbay Cold-Weather Boot is no different and offers excellent features to keep you comfortable on your next ice fishing trip this winter. The synthetic rubber soles provide better traction on slippery ice and slush, common elements you deal with while ice fishing. The soles and the 600 Denier nylon make it completely waterproof and leak-resistant so your toes will stay high and dry!

It also features a drawstring boot system on the upper and a velcro strap over the ankle for you to adjust the fit and to help retain heat. The inside of the boot itself offers you 8mm Thermal Guard liners that you can remove so it is easier to put the boots on without bunching up any of the material.

They will keep your feet warmer than ever so that you can enjoy a day out on the ice. These boots perform excellently and will live up to the high standards that Kamick snow boots are held.

  • Extremely comfortable and customers say they keep their feet nice and toasty warm
  • Great in deep snow and hold up well in single-digit temperatures
  • Fit perfectly especially if you go a 1/2 size larger to compensate for a thick pair of socks
  • Incredibly fast and easy to slide on and off
  • A couple of customers have reported that they are poor fitting in size, a size up could be huge, and the regular could be too tight
  • Claim they are not nearly as waterproof as advertised and leak through the seams
  • The hinge on the ankle strap breaks

Our Top Choice

Which ones do we consider to be the best ice fishing boots on this list? That would have to be the Kamik Men’s Canuck Cold Weather Boot. Not only are the reviews outstanding with far more pros than cons, but the construction of this pair of ice boots stands out from the rest.

They cover all the bases of what you would need and should be looking in a pair of ice fishing boots. The blend of waterproof nylon and a rubber shell that make up the boots makes them truly waterproof. The drawstring laces also contribute to the waterproofing because you can cinch the top of the boot closed around your leg to prevent any water or snow from getting inside, thus making your feet wet. This feature is also great for retaining all the heat inside your boots.

This alone is such a major feature, and one that is common in all the boots above, but the Kamik Canucks proved the most reliable and complete in their waterproofing. Anytime you are facing extremely cold temperatures, which will be often when ice fishing especially because of the constant wind on open ice, the last thing you want is for any part of you to get wet. The instant you get wet, you need to immediately have a way to both dry and warm your gear, or you have to get off the ice and back to shelter.

Being wet and exposed to the cold air during winter can be critical to your safety. It drastically increases the probability of succumbing to hypothermia and getting frostbite. So, when choosing your winter outdoor gear, finding boots, gloves, pants, and jackets that are wind and waterproof are a must.

The Canucks are not only superior in their waterproofing but their warmth and comfort, as well as their traction. They feature a removable 8mm Zylex liner that will keep your feet warm and make it easy to slide in and out of these boots. The rubber soles give them an aggressive tread that grips the ice and makes it easier to walk on slippery surfaces.

They are the best and warmest ice fishing boots on our list!

How to pick the Best Ice Fishing Boots?

We formulated out the list of top pick ice fishing boots by looking for specific qualities and features that are necessary for winter fishing.

Let’s go over these particular features in more detail so that you will know what to look for to find ice fishing boots that measure up to your own preference or standards. There are certain things you’ll really want for ice fishing boots specifically such as:


A commonality that you will find in most snow boots is the incorporation of rubber. It is often a major piece of the material used for snow boots. This is because rubber is durable, and it can warm up without losing any of its integrity, remains waterproof, and holds heat in. It is thick enough that it also prevents cold air from seeping in through the ground. An arctic rubber shell remains flexible and won’t become stiff or rigid in cold weather which would cause limitations in mobility.

Nylon is another material that is usually common on the upper portion of the boot because the fabric is easier to form around your leg and slide into. Nylon is also another waterproof and durable material that will hold up to the harsh elements.

Another feature material that you’ll want for your ice fishing boots is the drawstring or bungee lace system. This is a quality feature because being able to cinch close the snow collar on the top of your boots. This is great for keeping the heat in and keeping snow, ice, and water out. Having a secondary drawstring system around the ankle further improves both of those functions.

Boots that boast the use of these materials in an efficient system and construction can often prove to be the best cold weather boots you can find.


When it comes to the inside of the boot you’ll find either faux fur lining to add plushness and warmth, or a soft fleece lining that will cover almost all of the inside of the boot. When looking for boots for ice fishing you’ll want something that will have this kind of lining and features some kind of Thinsulate ultra insulation. These features alone can make such a huge difference in the warmth and heat retainment of a boot.

When you’re ice fishing you aren’t moving around as often typically (though you should try to, just to keep the blood flowing and your body temperature up) so you want a snow boot that has multiple ways of holding in as much heat as possible.

Other things to consider

There is more to choosing the right pair of ice boots than the material and insulation. There are other factors that you have to consider and other outdoor gear as well that you’ll need so that the boots work to their best ability. You can’t rely on the boots alone to keep your feet warm.

The kind of socks you wear can make all the difference as well. Especially for people who have poor circulation in their feet, or who just chronically get cold toes all the time once the cold weather starts. In the coldest weather, you’re going to want to wear ice fishing boots that fit comfortably and are big enough for you to be able to a thick pair of socks in as well. Wool socks are some of the best because even if they do get damp, they can still hold heat to keep your toes warm.

If you are concerned about the possibility of your feet getting wet even inside your chosen winter boots, then you can get waterproof socks for added protection. This way, no matter what happens you’ll be able to ensure that your feet will stay dry.

If your main concern is warmth and this is an issue that you’ve always dealt with then looking into heated socks will be worth your time. Yes, they do in fact make heated socks, which are a little on the pricey side but would more than makeup for it if you get chronic cold feet all the time in winter.

Socks are very important just like wearing gloves in the cold is. Your extremities always get cold first and once that happens it will then slowly seep into the rest of your body. Remember this when looking into any kind of gear.

Tips For Staying Warm And Safe While Ice Fishing

Not all the time you go ice fishing will the lake, pond, or river ice have a layer of snow that is easier to walk on. There are times when they could be slush, a thin layer of water, or clear open ice that you can easily slip and fall on. If it is windy then you might even find yourself being blown and pushed along the ice in a direction you’ll have little to no control over.

The best ice fishing boots boast a way to prevent this, or at the very least make it a bit easier to gain traction. They’ll feature an aggressive tread or specific rubber soles that will help you maintain a grip on the ice so you can walk safely to your desired winter fishing hole. It’s a helpful feature when you are active in an arctic sport!

Insider Advice

Whether you are looking for hunting boots, winter fishing boots, snowmobiling, or just general snow boots, find and try on as many different kinds as you can. This way you’ll know what is comfortable and what works for you. Always do your research! Picking the right pair of boots is hard sometimes, but if you know what has worked for you before and what kind and size you know fits best generally, then you’ve won half the battle.

You want your hunting boot or ice fishing to be a little big so that you can wear thick warm socks, and if you need gel inserts for added support too. It’s all about keeping your toes warm so that the rest of you stays warm. Your feet should be protected from the elements and especially from the risk of getting wet. Double reinforcements for that are great like having a drawstring snow collar and ankle adjustment that you can use for added protection to prevent snow from getting inside and keeping the heat in.

You can always take some extra hand warmers and put them in your boots as a cheap little trick to try!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best boots to wear for ice fishing?

For the best boots when ice fishing you want them to be absolutely waterproof. You’ll be dealing with a lot of ice, slush, water, and snow. Which means ample opportunity for your feet to get wet. You’ll also want them to have an aggressive tread that specifies that they grip ice and slippery surfaces better than other snow boots.

Look for a pair of boots that have faux fur or fleece lining insulation that will maximize retaining heat. It should have a system that allows you to adjust and tighten the collar and ankle portions of the boot. A reinforced heel will help prevent cold air from seeping in through the ground and offer more security in the sole of your boot itself.

The Kamik Canuck Men’s Boot is our top pick because it has all these features and thus makes for the ideal insulated ice fishing boots.

How do I keep my feet warm when ice fishing?

More than your boots, your sock choice can be the ultimate deciding factor of whether or not your feet get cold. Always wear the appropriate socks like wool, Merino wool, fleece, or even heated socks. Your socks should be able to keep your feet warm even if they get damp. If you want to avoid that entirely then waterproof socks are always an option.

Another trick to try if your feet still get cold even with the appropriate footwear is to try taking a handwarmer, getting it warmed up, and then sliding it into your boots. Sometimes doing this will prove to be more than enough to superheat your feet.

Can I wear snowshoes with ice fishing boots?

Yes, you can definitely wear snowshoes with your ice fishing boots. They aren’t really different from regular snow boots other than the fact they have slip-resistant traction and are fully waterproof. You will be able to fit into and secure your snowshoes normally as you would with any other winter boot.

Should I wear ice cleats with these boots?

It doesn’t hurt to be extra careful, but try them out first. See how the improved slip-resistant tread works, if you find that you generally don’t slip nearly as much then you likely won’t need the addition of ice cleats. However, you should always carry them with you just in case. If there is a day of clear ice and a little water, then trust me you’re going to want ice cleats to grip the ice as you walk across.

How do I test the boots?

The best way to test boots for ice fishing is to dress in the gear you plan to use and try going outside in the snow, slush, and ice to see how they hold up. You can use them while shoveling the driveway to see how they hold up. See if your feet remain dry even if you’re in a few feet of snow.

The next test is to then try sitting outside for an extended period. Maybe, after shoveling and exerting yourself so your blood is flowing and heating all of your extremities, then try sitting for a while to let yourself settle. This is a good way to test how long the boots will be able to retain heat even while you’re not moving.

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