The 5 Best Ice Fishing Bibs For Men & Women: Stay Warm & Dry

by Julie | Last Updated:   October 8th, 2022
The 5 Best Ice Fishing Bibs For Men & Women: Stay Warm & Dry

The northern winds have begun to blow and bring with them the bite of ice and frigid cold. Some of the shallower waters may now be getting a thin sheen of ice crusting their surfaces, and you know what that means? It’s time to blow the dust off the good old ice fishing gear! It won’t be long now before we get a good solid few inches of ice good enough to venture out on.

So, it is best to be prepared and make sure you have the appropriate wear for the freezing conditions that this beloved winter sport throws at you. One of your main means of staying warm and dry is going to be a good pair of ice fishing bibs. They will be the difference of whether or not you can withstand being out on the ice for more than a couple of hours.

All avid ice anglers will find themselves with or searching for a nice pair of cold weather bibs. This is precisely why we are here! In this article, we will provide you with the information you need to pick the best ice fishing bibs for both men and women. We will provide a list of our top five picks, as well as how and what made them our top choices.

There is much to go over so you can find the best ice fishing bib for you and be ready to get out on the ice and catch some fish!


Best Ice Fishing Bibs For Men & Women

Striker Ice Fishing Bib

The Striker Ice Fishing Bibs are men’s bibs that are built to be durable, lightweight, and able to withstand whatever the weather throws at you. All ice anglers know you need a reliable pair of bibs that will keep you warm and not hinder your movements while you’re out in the cold weather, and these will do just that.

This pair of ice fishing bib features heavy-duty knee pads and seat padding that reinforces these sections that usually show wear first. This is a convenient feature because a lot of ice fishing requires you to kneel beside the ice hole setting up or reeling in your line. When you’re finished with that then you will be sitting, for mostly long periods of time. So having extra durability and cushion will go a long way.

These bibs are also equipped with a safety precaution that ice anglers will be most inclined to have. That would be the Sureflote technology. This feature is there for the worst possible case scenario: you fall through the ice. With Sureflote technology designed into this pair of ice bibs, it can keep an average person afloat for up to 2 hours. Having this extra security measure should help you feel safe when going out on the ice whether for fishing, hunting, skiing, or more. This is not a feature you can simply scoff at especially if it saves your life.

You want a pair of bibs that will be both warm and waterproof and these will do just that! Hydrapore is a material that gives these bibs a 5,000mm and 5,000g waterproof and breathable rating. This lightweight and durable cold-weather bib will keep you comfortable on a day spent ice fishing.

  • Customers claim these are the best ice fishing bibs they’ve ever owned, they are extremely warm even in negative temperatures
  • The adjustable inseam is a great feature so you can adjust them even if you get a size larger than usual
  • Quality zippers
  • Durable and the material isn’t stiff even when sitting or crouching
  • Pockets are large and convenient
  • A couple of customers state it is a bit inconvenient that the bibs don’t zipper down further to make it easier for using the bathroom
  • Some have gotten pairs that had incorrectly sewn seams

StrikerICE Hardwater Bib

Another Striker bib has made it onto this list, which should come as no surprise considering their impressive reputation for quality and warmth. This is yet another men’s ice fishing bib as well. Let’s go over some of the key features that really make them stand out.

This heavy-duty bib boasts some quality-of-life amenities that make them very convenient for any winter sport. Such things include removable hand wipe towels that attach to the outside of the pockets, hook and loop bottom cuffs, an integrated forceps holder, and an adjustable inseam that allows you to adjust the size of these bibs to find the ultimate comfortable fit.

You will be ready for any extreme cold ice fishing trips with the 1680D reinforced snakeskin knee panels and seat padding. The durable Hydrapore material ensures that you will remain both warm and dry as it works in tandem with 150g Thermadex insulation. The durable, waterproof outer shell is what protects the integrity of the precious warmth and insulation on the inside of these bibs.

The next thing you want for your ice fishing apparel to be is safe and these StrikerICE bibs offer just that with their SureFlote technology that will keep an average person afloat for 2 hours. The right ice fishing bibs should offer not only warmth, durability, and waterproofing, but offer you the protection that goes above and beyond to deal with extreme weather conditions.

  • Customers say they are very warm and durable that will last for years to come
  • They fit perfectly and are extremely comfortable
  • The reinforced knee pads help a lot when kneeling on the ice
  • Customers say they’re definitely made with quality materials
  • Susceptible to possible rips in the knee
  • They’d fit better if they came with a belt

StrikerICE Climate Bib

Striker ice bibs are just the way to go as their reputation continues to exceed all expectations and customers can’t help but just love the ice armor they make. They seem to produce some of the best foul weather gear that will help you stay warm on every ice fishing adventure. The StikerICE Climate bib is another pair of ice bibs that offers unique features to handle extreme temperatures.

The hook and loop feature on the pant cuffs of these fishing bibs allows you to adjust the length of them by as much as 6 inches. They also feature the same inseam adjustability as the others listed above, and the adjustable shoulder straps are also there for you to find your optimal fit.

The pockets feature magnetic storm flaps to make sure your phone or other small accessories are secure. There are removable hand towels that also attach to the outside of the pockets so that you can immediately wipe off any of the freezing water that gets on your hands when setting your tip-ups or handling fish. Another major feature of these ice fishing bibs is that they boast handwarmer pockets so you can tuck your hands in quickly to warm them up in between setting lines and reeling in fish.

These waterproof fishing pants are made with a 320D Nylon Tussor for the outer shell which makes them especially durable. The Thermadex insulation is especially unique for this pair of ice fishing bib because it is removable. It can be adjustable between 100g of insulation and 175g. They also feature the same SureFlote technology as the previous so you know you’ll be safe even in those emergency situations on the ice.

  • Customers rave that these are the best ice fishing bibs they’ve owned
  • Fit perfectly and the adjustability with the cuffs, shoulder straps, and inseams is unbeatable
  • Are extremely warm and comfortable
  • They run a little long even with the pant cuffs being able to adjust up to 6 inches

Striker Women’s Standard Prism Bibs

Men aren’t the only ice anglers out there so it only makes sense that we would have women’s ice fishing bibs on this list too! And of course, the unbeatable name of Striker also has women’s ice fishing pants available.

These Prism Bibs feature an adjustable inseam, 1680D reinforced snakeskin knee panels, a drop-seat design, and fast-drain hems. They are perfect for cold weather fishing and dealing with those wet, slushy, and freezing conditions often encountered when skiing, snowmobiling, and ice fishing. The elastic shoulder straps are adjustable so you can find your ideal fit.

With all cold-weather fishing gear, having appropriate insulation coverage and waterproofing is key to keeping you warm in extreme temperatures. As such this pair of women’s ice fishing bib offers 150g of Thermadex advanced insulation so no cold air will seep through and bring that unwanted chill into your bones. The Hydrapore technology ensures the outer shell will be waterproof and still offers ideal breathability.

As far as safety features go these bibs are equipped with reflective elements for high visibility. They also boast the SureFlote technology making them a proven pair of floating ice fishing bibs that will keep your head above water in the event that you fall through the ice. Winter fishing is a sport that is to be enjoyed by everyone, so it’s important to have fishing gear that keeps you safe and warm from the elements!

  • Customers claim they are very warm and comfortable
  • Great at keeping you dry
  • The added safety elements are a huge plus
  • Customers love the design and how they are made with women ice fishing in mind
  • They are a bit bulky
  • The back is cut a bit low and will be exposed when bending over. You’ll want the matching ice fishing jackets or just a long enough jacket to compensate for this

DSG Outerwear Women’s Avid Ice Fishing Drop-Seat Bibs

The final on our list is another pair of women’s ice fishing bibs that offers some different features and perks than the previously listed. We’ve taken a step away from Striker to look at the equally high-quality DSG Outerwear. These are ice fishing bibs worth the time to take a look at if you’re a woman that is going to be spending any amount of time out ice fishing.

They don’t skimp out on functionality with these waterproof fishing bibs as they feature a drop seat design that makes it a whole lot easier to do your business when you’re outside in the cold without the hassle of having to remove several layers. You don’t want to be exposed to the cold air any more than you have to be, and these fishing bibs ensure that!

These women’s ice fishing bibs boast heavy-duty 840 Denier knee padding that is durable and reliable so the cold won’t seep in even if you’re kneeling beside the ice hole reeling in a fish. The DWR-treated fabric ensures that the bibs are 100% waterproof and breathable. All the seams are sealed to ensure that you stay warm and dry even in extreme cold.

They feature Flotex layered foam with 170g of Primaloft insulation to maximize the amount of body heat you retain. They also offer an adjustable inseam that can be adjusted between 32.5 inches to 28.5 inches, so you can find your most comfortable fit. Adjustable waist tabs and suspenders further allow the flexibility to find your best fit no matter the number of layers you have on.

  • The flexibility and adjustment range in these bibs is unbeatable since you can adjust just about every part of them
  • Customers say the drop seat feature is very convenient
  • Truly keep you warm and dry in frigid conditions
  • Made from high-quality materials that last
  • A bit on the expensive side

Our Top Choice

There are actually two ice fishing bibs that make our top pick, one for men’s and one for women’s. That’s only fair after all! Let us discuss the two we chose as our best of the rest! Do know it was a difficult decision to make because all of these fishing bibs are incredible and have such great and similar features and reviews.

The best men’s ice fishing bibs are the StrikerICE Climate Bib. Why these ones in particular? Well, that’s because they add just a little bit more versatility than the others. They are able to do this because they have removable insulation so it can range from 100g of insulation to 175g. This can make a big difference on the days when the weather is mild, almost warm, you don’t want to be sweating through your bibs and getting them damp from the inside out as well.

They are breathable, completely waterproof, and offer features like the attached hand towels to the pockets, hand warming pockets by the chest, and pant cuffs that can adjust the length as much as 6 inches. Their versatility in use and function is what makes them stand above the rest, and customers had an outpouring of incredible reviews for how durable and long-lasting the StrikerICE Climate Bibs are.

The best women’s ice fishing bibs would be the DSG Outerwear Women’s Avid Ice Fishing Drop-Seat Bibs. Yes, surprisingly they bested Striker which was the dominant brand on this list, but we found that they just offered more for women ice anglers. They were designed by women for women, and it shows in the superior functionality and overall adjustability.

It is hard to find ice fishing gear that fits properly, especially if you’re a woman, it can be frustrating because what you find is often too big or too bulky, and doesn’t adjust as much as you need or want. Well DSG offers all of that and then some. You have adjustable suspenders, waist tabs, and an inseam that can range from 32.5 inches to 28.5 inches. There is no way to not be able to find your best fit in these when you can adjust every single part!

They are made with the same durable materials as men’s ice fishing bibs and offer the same room for storage in large pockets for your gear and other accessories. They also have reinforced knee padding, and the drop-seat for conveniently doing your deeds without hassle is a major plus.

How To Choose The Best Ice Fishing Bibs: Buying Guide

So, you may be wondering how exactly did we pick out our list, how do you choose the best ice fishing suit? We’ll tell you! There are certain qualities and safety measures that you just can’t turn a blind eye to especially when you plan on going on an ice fishing trip:

Pockets and Storage

Yes, pockets are an important feature. This is because you’ll need to keep a lot of smaller gear on you when you’re ice fishing, it’s just easier that way especially if you have several tip-ups to check or just don’t want to step out of the warmth of your shanty to your sled to grab the extra gear you may leave in it. All of the ice fishing bibs on our list boast multiple cargo pockets that are more than big enough for this purpose.

Most also feature their own hand towels clipped to the outside side so you can dry and clean off your hands. These pockets feature a magnetic storm flap closure more often than not which is much easier than trying to snap buttons closed with gloved or freezing fingers.

These large thigh pockets are great so you can store your extra pack of hooks, line, leader, or your pliers and phone. They offer you all the room and security to keep them stored on your person in your snow bibs where they are easily within reach and stay dry. Many bibs may even have specific spots for some of your gear like a forceps holder or ice pick holsters also included on the bibs themselves.

Another thing pockets provide is warmth. Having handwarmer pockets is an incredibly nice feature. These are usually fleece-lined pockets that you can access easily and quickly so you can just tuck your hands away at intervals to warm them up quick as you fish or set up lines. Any good ice bib will have hand-warming pockets. They are often the chest pockets because being closest to your core will provide the most amount of warmth to quickly heat up freezing fingers.


The material of your ice fishing bibs is another important factor. Since you are going to be using them for ice fishing specifically, it is imperative that they’re waterproof. That is why almost all the bibs listed above feature the durable Hydrapore material. It is excellent weatherproofing technology that provides 5,000mm of waterproof and 5,000g of breathable material that protects your whole outer layer. You want your inside layers to remain dry at all costs, so proper waterproofing technology and material are huge if you want to stay out there for hours at a time.

This outer material should also be highly durable with denier nylon or similar so that it can withstand a beating and be scraped up from the snow, ice, and your other ice fishing gear. These materials won’t get so stiff or brittle in extreme temperatures either which will add to longevity. If you’re going to find the right ice fishing bib then it should be durable enough to hold up for years and seasons to come.


Knowing the kind of material that you like and that you know feels good to you is the best way for you to determine how to choose bibs. What makes your favorite winter jacket so comfortable? Take those qualities and look for them in your bibs. The softness of the interior, how flexible the outer shell is especially over time as you wear it in are all things you need to consider.

The zippers even make a difference. Maybe you prefer a double zipper, or just like to know that it zips open and closed smoothly without getting snagged. Your foul weather gear should perform its best in cold conditions and that means that you stay warm and dry.

Having features like the reinforced snakeskin knee padding and the extra seat padding is huge too. When you’re having to go between kneeling on freezing and wet ice to sitting for hours on end, having some extra padding to cushion the seat and knee area makes a big difference.

Knowing what you want for comfort is important when buying ice fishing bibs so when you have the opportunity to try them or get a feel for them, do it so you can make a better judgment.


When choosing ice fishing clothing you have to look at the fit, especially for your ice armor. A lot of them will say true to size, but that’s not always the most reliable statement. This is why you read the reviews or try them on at the store. In some cases, they might be actually true to size, but with most winter apparel you’ll find a size up to be better.

Going an extra size up allows you to have more room in case of adding extra layers. If it is in negative temperatures you’re going to want to have an extra layer of pants, shirts, and socks just in case, so having enough room in your ice fishing bibs is a must.

Another thing most people want and look for when considering the fit is how adjustable they are. The best fishing bibs will boast multiple ways to adjust the fit. This will usually show in having adjustable shoulder straps, pant cuffs, and an adjustable inseam. Some women’s fishing bibs will offer adjustability around the waist as well.

All of the ice fishing bibs reviewed above have these features because we know the right fit is important!

Key Insights & Takeaways

If you want to feel more secure while out on your next ice fishing trip, then look for a fishing bib that offers additional safety features. Having reflective materials on your ice fishing bibs for increased visibility is great because there are a lot of ice fishermen who will be out before the sun comes up and stay out there until the sun goes down. Additional reflective material will make them easier to spot in the case of an emergency or to other winter sports enthusiasts like snowmobilers who will also be sharing the ice with fishermen more often than not.

Yet, the ultimate safety precaution your snow and rain bibs could offer you is floatation. Falling through the ice is a very real danger for ice fishermen, and it could be lethal if it does happen. The last thing you need working against you is your own gear that was meant to keep you warm and dry, dragging you down. Check the ice safety internal label on your ice fishing bibs to see if it comes with SureFlote technology or similar. This technology has designed your durable fishing bib to keep you afloat for up to two hours.

We can’t stress safety enough, be smart and be safe if you plan to be fishing on the ice every winter season!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ice fishing bib?

It is a full-body winter suit. They are like overalls but designed just for winter activity. This means they have a waterproof nylon shell and an insulated inside. It is the best ice fishing clothing gear that you can purchase. Fishing bibs will cover all your needs by keeping you warm, dry, and comfortable. With fleece-lined pockets to warm your hands, and large thigh pockets or zippered chest storage pockets for you to keep all your smaller accessories or gear on you and easily within reach.

You will be protected against whatever the weather throws at you when having a pair of bibs. They work best when paired with the appropriate ice fishing jackets as well.

Are ice fishing bibs worth it?

Yes, a million times yes! As someone who always struggled with staying warm (especially my feet), there is nothing better than actually getting appropriate gear that works. It’s the same for any sport, when you finally decide to spend a little extra and get the real gear you need it pays off a hundred times over. Ice fishing bibs are made waterproof, insulated, durable, and with extra padding on the knees and seat are which are all things you need if you’re a big-time ice fisherman.

It is an amazing feeling when you get off the ice and you’re just as warm and dry as when you started. That’s what will happen when getting the right cold-weather bibs.

Can you adjust the length of ice fishing bibs?

Yes, most ice fishing bibs will come with inseam adjustability which allows you to adjust the length and fit. The cuffs of the pants are often adjustable as well, up to even as much as 6 inches. The shoulder straps can also be modified to find your optimal fit. Bibs are made with this in mind because everyone is a bit different and therefore the same pair of bibs will fit you differently than someone else. Having a wide range of adjustability levels that field so anyone can find bibs that will adjust down to their desired fit.

Do you need ice fishing bibs specifically for women?

Do you need them? Well, no, not really, but do you want them? Absolutely. We women can get along just fine with fitting into men’s fishing bibs just fine, but will it really be the most comfortable or convenient? No, it won’t. It makes all the difference when you wear something that is designed for your body type. Women’s ice fishing bibs are made with the feminine body in mind so you’ll have features that will be especially convenient. Like a drop-seat feature that makes it so much easier to do your business.

Also, some women’s ice fishing bibs offer even more adjustability than men’s. So, just in general they will fit much better and far more comfortably.

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