Best Camping Cooler With Wheels: Our Top 5 Picks & Guide

by Julie | Last Updated:   October 8th, 2022
Best Camping Cooler With Wheels: Our Top 5 Picks & Guide

When you’re big into camping and going away for the weekend or longer, one of your most important pieces of camping gear will be your cooler. Packing your cooler, choosing your cooler, and cleaning it are all important things you need to think of and prepare for your trip. Some are easier than others to bring for traveling and walking.

So, we are here to tell you about the best camping cooler with wheels that you can pull along with you to the campsite. Wheeled coolers take away the strain of having to carry, wagon, or drag which is just a lot more convenient.

The list below is our top 5 wheeled coolers that you should take camping. We’ll go over all you’ll need to know to pick the best one for you!


The 5 Best Camping Coolers With Wheels

Coleman Ice Chest: Coleman 316 Series

This Coleman Hard-Body Wheeled Cooler is just another durable and outdoor-ready product that this well-known brand has produced. Made for those long weekend camping trips with the quality to keep ice for up to five days.

This cooler is made durable and ready to go with its’ heavy-duty wheels and flip-up handle. You can pull this wheeled cooler over different terrains with ease. The lid itself has multiple uses including 4 cup holders, a recessed lip for quick access, and a sitting capability that allows it to hold up to 250 pounds.

It is a large cooler that can hold as many as 160 cans and has a stain-resistant liner to protect the interior from leaks. There is a drain on the bottom of the cooler as well to drain water built up from melting ice.

The location and function of the drains make it so you do not have to lift or tilt the cooler to get all of the water out. This drain is rust-proof and leakproof for maximum longevity and quality. If you want a durable cooler that keeps ice for several days and withstands high temperatures, then this is the one!

  • Great ice chest that will keep water bottles and jugs frozen until day 4 and keep all food items chilled
  • It is a very large cooler and can fit most of what you need
  • Customers confirm it is very durable
  • It has good accessibility and travel ability thanks to the wheels
  • Customers which the handle to tow it was longer to make it easier to pull
  • A couple of customers have had issues with the wheels sustaining wear and rust on the axels. They may become bent
  • Issues with the lid not staying closed, nor staying open for loading it

Yeti Tundra Haul Cooler

Almost everyone knows the name Yeti and is familiar with their products. They’ve produced some incredible ice retaining items that are a huge lifesaver in the outdoors. Now they’ve made their first haul cooler for you to tow with you into the great outdoors.

The Yeti Tundra Haul Cooler features a rotomolded construction which makes it near indestructible. It will be your longest-lasting and durable cooler ever! The single-piece tires are heavy-duty and strong so they can travel on various terrains. It tracks well behind you so you won’t be running over your heels too.

The interior features permafrost insulation with commercial-grade polyurethane foam injected into the extra thick walls and lid. This is the feature that ensures this cooler will keep ice for as long as possible.

This cooler is capable of holding as many as 45 beer cans and up to 55 pounds of ice. You’ll hardly notice the weight you are towing thanks to the supreme design of the haul handle. This StrongArm handle is made from welded aluminum and sports a comfortable grip to make towing easier.

  • One of the best coolers out there, it can hold ice for as long as 8 days
  • It is secure and durable with little issues of it getting knocked around in the car, and handling outdoor terrains well
  • Customers rave that it was built to last and to keep food and drink cold with ease even a week or more later
  • The recessed lid makes it easy to open and access as well as stays closed and locked without issue
  • Yeti are notoriously expensive, but you pay for quality
  • This cooler is very heavy and is a 2 person’s job to load it into the car
  • A couple of customers don’t like the wheels, they seem rather cheap

Igloo Marine Ultra Commercial Grade Cooler

This Igloo cooler comes with some unique features since it is designed to be a marine cooler. It is made to be out on the boat and to keep drinks cold for those long days on the water. So, if you’re an avid boater or angler, this just may be the cooler for you!

It features both ultra-violet (UV) protection and rustproof stainless steel locking plates, oversized hinges, and other hardware to increase longevity and durability. Made to withstand the harsh conditions that can occur on the water like heat, rain, and wind.

Your food and drinks will be kept cold and secure thanks to the hybrid latches. They ensure proper closure of the cooler so that no cool air escapes. On the opposite end, the oversized hatches function to hold the cooler lid up and open when loading it up or pulling out items.

It can be used for food and drinks to stay cold or to keep your catch of the day fresh. The fully insulated body will keep ice frozen for as long as five days.

  • The wheels are made of good quality and make it easy to move and tow
  • Even functions great as a dry box since its leakproof
  • Customers say it functions exactly as needed for a couple of days on the boat. Keeps drinks cold and fish fresh
  • Good quality for a cheaper price
  • A couple of customers claim the lid is completely uninsulated
  • Doesn’t hold ice longer than 8 hours
  • The handle is cheap and flimsy

Coleman 60 Quart Wheeled Cooler

This is another quality cooler made by Coleman. This is a slightly smaller option that is easier to bring on shorter trips. It is lightweight and easy to tow thanks to the retractable handle and specially made wheels. It is a great cheaper cooler for those casual cooler users out there.

The interior is surprisingly roomy and deep with the capacity to fit even 4 watermelons inside. You’ll be able to fit all your food items with ease, and it will keep drinks cold. It can even hold as many as 47 cans and more with a variety of containers.

Thanks to the TempLock insulation it is capable of retaining ice for as long as 18 hours in the hottest temperatures and up to five days when properly prepped and packed.

The best quality for a cheaper cooler with wheels. It functions just as well as most other coolers twice the price. Not too surprising considering Colemans’ prominence in the camping industry.

  • Customers rave about how great this cooler is at ice retention
  • Is affordable and quality made
  • Hauling it is easy and smooth over most surfaces
  • It is just the right size for most camping trips
  • Customers have claimed it doesn’t hold ice well and has insufficient insulation
  • The lid doesn’t always close securely you have to make sure you push it down completely
  • Has been delivered with damage or missing parts in some cases like missing a wheel

Coleman High-Performance Leak Proof Soft Cooler

The first soft cooler on this list is yet another Coleman cooler. Though it should really come as no surprise. As a soft cooler, it offers unique features that are not found on hard body coolers. This is also a supremely lightweight option that is just a lot easier on camping trips and travel.

This unique style cooler has a leakproof interior lining that provides additional strength and is a surface that is easy to clean. In the cases of leaks or spills, the internal material is extremely easy to wipe off and keep clean.

Other than the collapsible handle for towing this portable cooler, there are side handles as well that are easier for grabbing to load in the car or truck. It also provides additional storage on the exterior through a bungee cord top, and side and front mesh zippered pockets.

The welded construction makes this cooler more heavy-duty and durable than you’d think. It is able to withstand weather and heat all while keeping your items cool.

  • Wheels are great and easily go over rough terrain
  • Keeps cold drinks and food for overnight trips with ease
  • Customers claim it can retain ice for as much as 3 days
  • The built-in bottle opener on the front is very convenient
  • Zippers are difficult to open and close, and may even break
  • A couple of customers claim it will leak if it gets knocked over
  • A bit smaller than expected

The Best Camping Cooler With Wheels – Our Top Choice

Our top pick for the best cooler with wheels would have to be the Yeti Tundra cooler. Above all else, Yeti knows quality and that is what has put them ahead of the game in ice retention power. It can keep food and drinks cold and hold ice for as long as 8 days, sometimes more. You just can’t beat that kind of longevity. You’ll know your drink will be ice cold when it comes out of this cooler.

All of this is thanks to the rotomolded construction that makes it nearly indestructible and ultimately durable. As well as the permafrost insulation made from commercial-grade polyurethane foam.

This is also the first Yeti cooler with wheels so now, you’ve got quality on the go with you. Taking this cooler into the backcountry and to your campsite can be done with ease now because of this new portable accessibility.

The only downside is that you do have to pay for this kind of quality. However, it should last you for many seasons.

The runner-up and cheaper alternative to the Yeti Tundra would be the Coleman 60qt Wheeled Cooler. It is smaller and doesn’t stay cold quite as long, but is still better than many other expensive coolers.

It has a surprisingly roomy interior and handles rough terrain very well. Being able to keep items cool for up to five days is still a great runner-up to Yeti.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Wheeled Cooler?

Best Camping Cooler With Wheels

There are several things to consider when looking for your ideal portable cooler with wheels. Here are some tips on the features you’ll want to check on each cooler.


You should have a good idea of the size of the cooler that you want. There are a lot of things you need to pack for camping trips after all. Fortunately, even small coolers can hold a surprising capacity of drinks. Most coolers will show how much they can hold usually using a number of cans as a reference or sizing in quarts.

It will also inform you of how many pounds of ice the cooler can hold. This is all-important when you are packing for your camping trip.


The most important feature of a cooler has to do with insulation. This is what determines how well it will retain ice and keep drinks cold. Each cooler is made differently and not all will always tell you how thick the insulation is or if it is present at all. Insulation usually consists of extra thick material or interior walls and is filled with foam.

Many people want the cooler lid to be insulated so that is a feature to specifically look for because not all of them have an insulated lid.


If you are looking at wheeled coolers, then you’re searching for portability. Each wheeled cooler is different in quality though when it comes to traveling over different terrains. The primary things you need to look at for hauling capability are the kind of handle it has and the wheels.

There are different kinds of handles like telescoping handles, swing-up, and collapsible. They can be in different shapes too and have different grips so finding one that feels comfortable is important. You must remember that you will be towing it behind you to your campsite so you don’t want it to hurt your hand.

You also want to make sure that the handle extends far enough so that it is comfortable to be towing it behind you without having to bend over or be in an awkward position.

When it comes to the wheels, there are usually only two wheels on a haul portable wheeled cooler. You’ll want them to be heavy-duty wheels too that can handle different terrains with ease. You’ll also want them to be impact and puncture resistant. Durable wheels can make all the difference.

If a wheel breaks then that kind of defeats the whole purpose of the cooler. So checking the wheels to make sure they’re sturdy, roll well, and are durable is a must.

Additional Features

There are a lot of small, quality-of-life features that coolers can have that will make things a lot more convenient for you.

Some of these features to be on the lookout for are additional side handles for lifting it in and out of your vehicle, and a recessed lid that allows for easy access when opening and closing the cooler. Cup holders on the cooler itself are also a major plus and a simple convenience when you have a secure place to put your drink.

Oversized hinges that will hold the cooler open and secure it closed are ideal. You need a way to lock the cooler entirely to keep the cold air inside so ensuring it has a good closing feature is important.

Drainage, so you can get rid of excess meltwater without having to dump out the whole cooler, is a good feature to have too. Many coolers will have a drain on the outside, making it much easier and simpler to get rid of excess water. Some don’t even require you to tilt the cooler to get it all.

If you’re an angler there are coolers that will come with the feature of an integrated fish scale right on the lid. And for those that like convenience, some soft coolers will sport a removable bottle opener.

Any one of these added features can improve your camping experience.

Key Insights & Takeaways

Rolling coolers are a top-tier choice for avid campground campers. They can be a classic hard body cooler or there are even stylish soft coolers to choose from. Most come with a no-leak drain plug for added convenience when you get that ice melt build-up.

Most casual cooler users will find coolers with wheels to be the best choice. They’re easy to move around and make different areas and campsites more accessible because of this. They will provide usually a swing-up handle or telescoping handle with a comfortable grip for you to tow around.

They function just like any other cooler and will be able to keep ice icy, drinks cold, and food chilled. They range in abilities, insulation, and capacity. So, it is important to choose the one that suits you best.

We provided you a list of the best coolers with wheels that we could find with a mixture of quality cheaper coolers and some more expensive ones. Whatever fits your outdoor needs!

Don’t forget to also read our guide on how to pack your camping cooler the right way!

Frequently Asked Questions

What size cooler for camping?

It all depends on the kind of camping you do. If you stay for a week or more at a time, or just a night or two. The best size cooler for you can range from 8 to 20 quarts or even 60 quarts and more. Don’t forget that it is best to pack drinks and food separately so having two coolers is ideal.

Coolers you can sit on?

Most coolers will clarify if they can be used as a seat. That or they will state how much weight the lid can hold. As far as wheeled coolers go, the first Coleman rolling cooler on our list, the Coleman Ice Chest, can be used as a seat. The lid can support up to 250 pounds and sports self-draining cup holders too. It makes for an excellent seat and premium wheeled cooler.

Can you use dry ice in a cooler for camping?

Yes, you can use dry ice in your cooler for camping. They are best when used in tandem with ice blocks, cubes, or ice packs too. The regular ice should go on the bottom, while dry ice should be wrapped in something like a newspaper at the top.

Dry ice is colder than regular ice so it performs great. However, they become obsolete once they become wet which is why you keep them separate from the regular ice.

How to choose a cooler for camping?

It depends on the kind of camping you do and the kind of features you’re looking for. Wheeled coolers are one of the best options in this situation because they are far easier to transport and travel to the campsite. Choosing heavy-duty wheels whether they are treaded plastic wheels or soft ride wheels. They should do well over a variety of terrain.

Mainly you’ll want to look at size and capacity as well as insulation. You want your cooler to stay ice cold for as long as possible. Researching the longevity of each cooler is important. Some can hold ice for 24 hours while others can for 8 days.

Other additional features could include built-in bottle openers, integrated fish scale, sitting capability, additional pockets, cup holders, and no leak drain. These are all things to keep in mind when searching for the right cooler for you.

Will a bear get into a cooler while camping?

Most definitely. Bears are very good at getting into most things! It is very important to check with the campground if bears are prominent in the area, and the options for keeping your food safe. Some campgrounds will offer some kind of food locker to keep your items secure. There are also bear canisters and bear hangs as other options.

Your best case would be to lock it up with whatever the campground provides or leave it in the trunk of your car.

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