Reviewing The 5 Best Baitcasting Rods For Your Next Adventure

by Julie | Last Updated:   October 8th, 2022
Reviewing The 5 Best Baitcasting Rods For Your Next Adventure

Baitcasting rods are a great choice for both beginners and advanced anglers as well as for tournament play or weekend adventurers. There are many baitcasting rods on the market that offer good value, incredible performance, and versatility.

So, it’s important that you don’t buy the cheapest rods at the store, but to take your time and do your research before choosing the best baitcasting rod for your needs.

For that reason, we’ve also shared a quick buying guide once done reading the best baitcasting rod reviews.


What Are The Best Baitcasting Rods?

Best baitcasting rod under $100

Offering good value and great quality, the KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods come in one or two-piece rods that allow you to choose from two tips. You can also choose your preferred power rod with this affordable rod. Featuring great quality parts, this rod has an ergonomic design that is perfect for trout or bass fishing, freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, and kayak fishing.

The high-quality carbon fiber blank offers accuracy, power, and strength while the high strength graphite reel seat has an ergonomic design. It also comes with Fuji O-Ring guides and high-density EVA grips. You can customize the KastKing Perigee II ranges from medium to heavy power and the tips come in either a medium or medium-heavy tip end.

This lightweight rod offers smooth power with attractive aesthetics. The KastKing Perigee II easily transitions power through the rod blank as well as specialized technology offering computer control warping at four different angles. This rod offers great value for its low price.

  • This is a great value rod for the price
  • This is a very sensitive rod that won’t make your arm tired
  • It’s a sturdy and versatile rod that you will use frequently
  • The tip tends to break
  • The threads, seat, and trigger are made of plastic

Best baitcasting rod and reel combo

Also offering great value, the KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod features a sensitive graphite black that provides incredible performance. This versatile rod can be used to catch walleye, panfish, trout, and bass thanks to its premium components and exceptional performance.

There are seven different casting and spinning combo choices that include several lengths and actions. Available in lengths between 5’6” and 6’6”, you can also choose power ratings between light and medium-heavy. It will also flawlessly perform with either braided, fluorocarbon, or monofilament fishing lines.

The KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod includes a carbon-infused frame, an aluminum spool, powerful and smooth drags, and 5+1 stainless ball bearings. The Superpolymer handles offer an incredibly durable feel, slip resistance, and grip. All the combo choices also only use guide frames made of stainless steel along with Zirconium Oxide rings.

  • The rod has great action
  • It’s a good value for the quality
  • Overall great quality with a smooth and tangle-free cast and retrieve
  • There isn’t a noticeable clicking sound
  • The selection of the reel orientation is confusing

Best travel baitcasting rod

Portable and lightweight, this 2 piece baitcasting rod offers fast action and superior materials and parts. Equipped with a 30-ton carbon exposed blank reel seat, this baitcasting rod also includes SIC inserts and stainless-steel guides to give you durability and incredible performance. Using strong materials, you can choose from a wide range of actions and lengths.

Delivering smooth power, the rod prevents the fishing line from sticking in the guides while minimizing friction. This rod can also enhance sensitivity using a design that transfers vibrations from the line all the way through the guide and rod to your hand. Using premium grade EVA handles and an exposed blank reed set, this rod has an ergonomic design that gives you a comfortable and firm handhold.

This is a travel-friendly baitcasting rod with its unique two-piece design that will fit easily into a backpack, trunk, or car. This multipurpose rod is perfect for either freshwater or saltwater and can be used for surf, kayak, bass, and trout fishing.

  • It’s lightweight and thus easy to travel with
  • This is a versatile rod that you can use for several types of fishing: surf fishing, kayak fishing, bass fishing and trout fishing.
  • It has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to use
  • The tip can break if you are trying to catch a strong fish
  • The handle is too short

Best baitcasting rod for beginners

Ideal for beginners, the Tailored Tackle Bass Fishing Combo is a two-piece seven-foot rod with medium-heavy power and fast action. Offering high performance, this bass fishing rod is perfect for catching largemouth bass of any size. The easy-to-use baitcasting reel lets you improve your casting, while its Pop-Off Spool makes it easy to remove tangles.

This affordable baitcasting rod has a design that was created by anglers. The Tailored Tackle Bass Fishing Combo comes with a very sensitive rod tip that allows you to feel everything. Agile and smooth, it has a 6.3:1 gear ratio and seven ball bearings. 

  • This is a very affordable rod
  • It’s a great choice for beginners
  • It’s very sensitive and powerful
  • It gets a lot of backlashes
  • It doesn’t come with directions

Best saltwater baitcasting rod

Light, strong and responsive, the St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rods provide the ultimate fishing experience. Offering control and great value for money, this rod features an advanced SCIII graphite construction that delivers high-performance thanks to its high tension and high modulus offering durability and strength.

Using integrated poly curve tooling technology, the St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod will eliminate every transition point in the rod blank for better sensitivity, enhanced strength, and smoother action. This rod features two coats of Flex-Coat finish and sleek wire end sleeves. It also has a split grip, a high-quality cork handle, a Fuji ECS reel seat including a black cap, and 3D guides that come with a strong and thin alumina reach and black frames. All of these features make it the best inshore baitcasting rod for surf fishing

  • It’s very sensitive and smooth to use
  • It has great control and responsiveness
  • This is a strong and durable rod
  • It’s not a good rod for catching bass
  • It doesn’t have great casting distance

How To Choose The Best Baitcasting Rod

Diagram of spinning rod and baitcasting rod

Spinning rod vs (bait)casting rod

A baitcasting is also referred to as a casting rod, which is a fishing rod that has been optimized to cast bait and fishing line using a baitcasting reel The eyelets/guides and the reel are located on the top of the rod blank and are of the same size.

As a result, you get more pulling power because the spine of the rod is assisting in holding and pulling the fish. In a situation where you need to lift fish, get them out of cover quickly or show them where to go, the baitcasting rods will give you a distinct advantage.  

Another benefit of using a baitcasting setup is that the casting distance will increase dramatically, as will your control over the hook and line. The benefits of a baitcasting rod in particular can vary from an increase in the fish size that you catch to the extra casting techniques you have at your disposal.

Here are some considerations to help you find the best baitcasting rod for your next adventure:

Line Guides

Line guides are the little metal eyelets on the rod that hold and guide the fishing line down the rod’s length. They provide control of the fishing line when you retrieve and cast. Line guides can also be a huge source of friction when the line unspools from the reel. 

You always want to consider the durability of the line guides on a baitcasting rod and how low friction they are. Remember that a fragile or weak line guide can snap if you are in a hard fight. 

Ideally, you want to look for a high-quality guide like ceramic or metallic inserts. Both will improve the line’s sensitivity to bites as well as reduce friction.

Rod Power

The rod power on any fishing rod is categorized into ultra-light, light, medium-heavy, heavy, and ultra-heavy. A light rod has less power while a heavier rod has more power. The size and type of fish you want to catch will determine the power of the rod you need to purchase. Smaller fish will require a lightweight rod while larger, more aggressive fish will need a heavy rod.

Rod action

The action on a rod is referring to where it will flex or bend when under pressure. Action is categorized into slow, medium, fast, and extra fast groups, which will tell you what size fish that the rod is best to fish with.

With a fast rod that bends near the tip, you will have a rod strong enough to fight a large fish. In comparison, a slow rod will bend all the way down into the bottom part of the rod making it better at catching a fish that doesn’t put much of a struggle.

Rod Materials

There are three types of rod blanks to choose from when it comes to a baitcasting rod blank. Which is better depends on how you are using the rod and a little bit of personal preference. 

With a graphite rod, you get more sensitivity, allowing you to feel sneaky movements and light bites on your fishing line. A graphite rod is also lighter, which is perfect for beginners, but not for catching heavy fish.

In comparison, a fiberglass rod is heavier, making it perfect for catching heavy fish. A fiberglass rod is also cheaper, making it a good choice if you’re on a tight budget. And it is more durable and stronger than a graphite rod, but it is also less sensitive.

Finally, there is the composite rod, which is a combination of fiberglass and graphite material. By doing this, a composite rod can combine the sensitivity and lightweight of a graphite rod with the strength and durability of a fiberglass rod.

Handle grip

Admit it. When you go fishing, you are probably out there for quite a few hours making hundreds of casts and holding the rod for long periods of time. You definitely want a comfortable rod handle that has a good grip that won’t slip as you cast, which is very important when you have wet hands. Remember that a grip that doesn’t have a good fit will make your fishing trip uncomfortable and short. 

Cork-rod grips have been made out of cork for many years, and there is a good reason for that. This natural material is comfortable and lightweight, plus it gives you a good grip when you have wet hands. While it is more expensive than synthetic material, there are different grades that you can choose from to keep the costs lower. Just keep in mind that the quality of cork on an inexpensive rod will not be as good as the cork on an expensive rod and will probably fall apart faster.

EVA foam grips are not expensive and provide a comfortable grip. EVA foam is corrosion-resistant, which is a good choice when you fish in saltwater. It also gives you a good grip no matter what the temperature is. 

Of the two, look for a cork-rod grip on your baitcasting rod, especially if it’s a more expensive rod. This is a long-lasting material that has proven to be effective and durable.

Handle size

The handle’s size is another important consideration. When you have a long handle, it will help when you cast since it allows you to fit both hands on the grip and provide more leverage during a longer cast.

Plus, a longer handle will give you more cranking force when you want to pull in a large fish, but a short handle will give you more control. Remember that the size of the fish you want to catch will also determine the size handle you want on your baitcasting rod. 

Our Top Choice

The winner of the best baitcasting rod is the KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod and Reel Combo. This is a great combo that is sensitive and versatile making it the best baitcaster combo. You can choose from seven combos with different lengths and actions. Ideal for catching walleye, panfish, trout, and perch, this rod uses high-quality components and exceptional performance.

It features a non-slip handle, an aluminum spool, a carbon-infused frame, and a smooth resistance. As such, the definitive winner when reviewing the best baitcasting rods is without a doubt the KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod and Reel Combo.

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