The 5 Best 8 Person Tent For Group Camping Outdoors & Guide

by Julie | Last Updated:   October 8th, 2022
The 5 Best 8 Person Tent For Group Camping Outdoors & Guide

Group camping has always been one of my favorite activities. It allows you to enjoy the goodness of nature while spending time with your loved ones. However, there is a clear difference between group camping in a spacious 8 person tent and separate small tents.

Though I don’t get to camp in groups often, it’s something that I plan to do more of in the future. I love the sight of family and friends having fun at beaches or parks in their large tents.

It is in moments like these that I understand why people invest in 8 person tents. You can fit your entire group in an 8 person tent and many of these tents can be easily set up by two campers.

So if you plan on going on a camping trip with a group soon, now is the time to get that 8 person tent. 8 person tents usually have enough room to fit between 6 to 8 people and this makes them a great choice for family and friends.

But since they are made by different companies and come with varying features, you could use some help finding the best 8 person tent. So, I will be reviewing the 5 best 8 person tents that you can buy in this article.


Reviewing The 5 Best 8 Person Tents

Coleman Montana 8 person tent

The Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent is a popular choice for lovers of group camping. This is a dome tent that doesn’t just fit 8 campers, but also fits 3 queen-sized beds. It is also very long-lasting thanks to the durable material that it is made of. The main fabric of the tent is made of 68D polyester mesh while the rain fly is built from 75D polyester taffeta.

Additionally, the tent’s floor features 100D polyethylene and it comes equipped with fiberglass poles. Tall people should be able to move around the tent conveniently thanks to its peak height of 6.2 feet. It also comes with 3 windows to provide your group with adequate ventilation. Two of the windows are specially positioned so that you can leave them open when it rains.

When it’s time to set up the tent, you should find the task easy to complete. It comes with color-coded poles and a patented pin and ring system. Need lighting? The Coleman 8 person tent features built-in LED lights that you can switch between low, medium, and high. Also, the extended door awning is there for you to store your camping gear.

However, the best thing about this tent is the weather protection that it offers. Asides from being built from a durable material, it has a smart design and features Coleman’s advanced WeatherTec system. The welded corners and inverted seams further ensure that the rain will be the last thing that your group worries about.

  • Good height for tall people
  • The rain fly offers adequate coverage
  • It is easy to set up
  • It comes with an interior electric port
  • It has highly durable poles
  • The floor doesn’t have vents
  • The floor fabric isn’t durable

NTK Laredo GT

The NTK Laredo GT camping tent is designed to sleep 8 to 9 campers. It has a dimension of 15′ × 10′ and headroom that is over 6 feet. When the price of this tent is compared to its quality, it’s easy to see that it offers excellent value for money. First, the inner fabric of the tent is built from 190T breathable polyester with mosquito no-see-um micro net fabric.

Also, the exterior of the tent is built from a 190T polyester fabric that is laminated with polyurethane. This 2500mm waterproof coating will keep you dry even during heavy downpours. The advanced nano-flex technology used in the construction of the tent gives it a very durable frame.

Additionally, this 3 season tent has a freestanding design so you won’t have to bother about staking it. You can trust the tent to hold its own in harsh weather conditions. The package comes with two main poles and two-loop poles. There are spacious storage pockets for you to store your camping gear. You will also get a heavy-duty carry bag.

Though this family tent doesn’t feature fly vents, some of its inner parts are covered with mesh fabric for ventilation. You should also find the tent easy to pitch thanks to the aluminum ring and pin system. However, you should be ready to spend up to 15 minutes on the task.

  • It has several storage pockets
  • It does extremely well in bad weather
  • It comes with color-coded poles
  • It has a carry bag
  • It is quite lightweight for its size
  • The zippers aren’t the best
  • Ventilation is poor when the rainfly is on

Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent

Coleman is one of the most trusted makers of camping tents today. So, it is no surprise that the brand has a second entry on my list. The Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent is an excellent family camping tent that comes at a good price. But as its name suggests, its best feature is how easy it is to set up.

It comes with pre-assembled poles that you can set up in just 3 steps! You won’t need an extra hand. To pitch the tent, you just have to unfold it and extend the pre-attached poles. Layout all corners and secure the tent. You won’t find many tents more durable than this as it is made of 150D polyester.

Additionally, it comes with Coleman’s popular WeatherTec system. This includes waterproof walls, welded floors, and inverted seams to ensure that water stays out of your tent. For proper ventilation, the tent has 2 vents and 7 mesh windows.

Furthermore, this 3 season tent comes with a room divider with which you can split the tent into two rooms. This should come in handy whenever you need some privacy. You will also be able to fit in 2 queen-sized air mattresses. There are two doors and enough room to store camping supplies.

  • It is super easy to set up
  • It is spacious
  • It is built with quality materials
  • It offers good ventilation
  • It is perfect for people with kids
  • You will have to buy a rain fly
  • It is not suitable for backpacking

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

The Wendel 8 Person Klondike Tent is on this list because it offers a blend of quality and affordability. It is built with 68D polyester taffeta fabric. The entire coating tent also has waterproof polyurethane to protect your group from heavy downpours. Even the seams are double-stitched and lap-felled to further keep out rainwater.

Additionally, the fiberglass roof frame is shock-corded and supported with steel uprights to offer stability regardless of the situation. Though the tent is said to accommodate up to 8 campers, you will need to have some kids in the group for it to be comfortable. The tent has a room divider that will enable you to create an extra room for your kids or storing your camping gear.

You should find the screen room very useful during your summer camping trips. It enables cool air to come into the tent and this is enhanced by the vents. You won’t be bothered by mosquitoes and you can just relax in it or use it as a picnic room, sun shelter, etc. However, the presence of the screen room makes it unsuitable for cold weather.

As long as you aren’t over 6.5 feet tall, you will be able to walk around in this tent. It is a cabin-style tent with straight walls. It also features 2 doors and 6 windows. The side windows of the cabin tent are equipped with zippers and interior flaps. You can place 2 queen-sized mattresses in this tent.

  • It has a visually appealing design
  • It is built with a breathable material
  • It features a mesh porch
  • It is easy to set up
  • • The zippers aren’t the best
  • • It isn’t suitable for cold weather

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Tent

The Kodiak Canvas Tent is another camping tent that is worth checking out. There are a good number of things to like about it and it is a reliable shelter for the great outdoors. It measures 10 by 14 feet and has a height of 6.6 feet. Also, the tent weighs a massive 79 lbs but this should be expected of a canvas tent.

Additionally, the tent’s material is a high-quality Hydra-Shield, 100% cotton duck canvas. This makes the tent extremely durable and you can rely on it to serve you for several years. The ceiling and walls are built with 10 oz and 8.5 oz Hydra-ShieldTM canvas respectively. As for the tent’s floor, it is built with polyester-reinforced vinyl.

The material is so water-tight that you won’t feel any moisture on the inside walls during the heaviest downpour. Yet, it is still very breathable. This 8 person tent has four windows that are protected with no-see-um mesh. So, you will never be bothered by annoying insects like mosquitoes.

Whether it is a rainy or a hot summer day, you can always camp safely and comfortably in your Kodiak canvas tent. It comes with funnel-flow vents that will help you circulate air and maintain the temperature. Finally, the tent has a large awning that covers its entry and this can be used as a storage area for your camping gear.

  • It is built with durable and long-lasting materials
  • There 2 vents for temperature regulation and air circulation
  • It has large doors
  • It offers excellent protection from the rain
  • It has a high ceiling
  • It is heavy
  • It doesn’t do well in the snow and extreme mountain conditions

Our Top Choice

We have now reviewed 5 of the best 8 person tents for camping. They are all made by reputable brands and also come with the right features for group camping. However, you should opt for the Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent if you want the very best 8 person tent.

It has enough space to accommodate an entire group or a smaller group that’s camping with lots of gear. The door awning will provide you with a dry space outside your tent for items such as your muddy shoes.

Also, the tent is designed to feel like a home away from home the great outdoors. You will be able to unzip the windows to let the night in during the day and at night, you will be able to light up the tent with built-in LED lights.

What to Look For In An 8 Person Camping Tent

If your regular camping tent has started to feel small, what your family need is an 8 person tent. Your camping experience will be much more enjoyable when you have the right 8 person tent for your camping needs.

For instance, you will be able to use an air mattress in an 8 person tent and even sit up on it. Also, you will be able to stay longer on the campsite with your loved ones when you have an 8 person camping tent.

However, 8 person tents are more complicated than their smaller counterparts. So, there are several factors that you have to look at if you want to purchase the right one. These factors include materials, floor area, storage space, room dividers, etc.

In this section, we will be going through all the features that you need to look for when searching for 8 person tents for camping:


One of the most essential features of an 8 person tent is its fabric. This will go a long way in telling you how it will perform in the wild. The 3 major materials that are used in manufacturing camping tents are polyester, nylon, and canvas.

Cotton/Canvas Tents

Cotton and canvas tents are built with natural fabric. They are less popular options as the tent market is dominated by synthetic tents. Still, these tents are a great choice for the wild.

Cotton/canvas tents are known to offer excellent temperature regulation. You will feel very comfortable in a cotton tent and it doesn’t get too warm. It is also less susceptible to condensation than other materials.

But there is something that you shouldn’t forget when you buy a canvas tent… Weathering.

Weathering is a process that has to be carried out on a canvas tent before it is taken on a camping trip. Don’t worry, it’s not complicated. You just have to get it exposed to water whether by leaving it in the rain or soaking it with a hose.

The importance of weathering a new canvas tent is that it allows the material to swell and nestle. In simpler terms, weathering makes canvas tents waterproof. If you go on a camping trip without weathering, water may seep through your tent when it rains.

Most canvas tents will only have to be weathered once but some models have to be weathered up to 3 times to be completely waterproof. As a result, it is best to do a waterproofing test before heading into the great outdoors with your new canvas tent.

Once weathered, a canvas tent is as durable and waterproof as any other tent on the market.

PVC-Coated Tents

When searching for the best 8 person tent, you may come across a canvas tent that is coated with polyvinyl chloride. This type of canvas tent is already waterproof, so you won’t have to weather it before using it.

However, the disadvantage of investing in this type of tent is its susceptibility to condensation. So if you will be purchasing a PVC-coated tent, you should ensure that it has adequate ventilation. This is the best way to solve the condensation problem.

Polyester Tents

Polyester tents are the most popular tents on the market. The material has become the go-to option for the production of new tents due to its durability and availability in various coatings. You should consider doing a little research before selecting a particular polyester tent.

This is because the cost of polyester tents is usually affected by the type of coating it has. The right polyester tent for you should be water-resistant and yet offer adequate ventilation.

The properties of a polyester tent seem identical to that of a polycotton tent when both materials are compared. However, the major difference is that you won’t notice any shrinkage or change in the weight of a polyester tent when it is exposed to water.

Polyester tents are also known to do well in the sun. As a result, they are an excellent choice for summer camping.

Nylon Tents

Since nylon is a very lightweight material, nylon tents only add minimal weight to camping gear. This makes nylon tents the number one choice of hikers and backpackers. Another great about these tents is that they are very affordable.

Some nylon tents come without a protective coating since nylon fiber is naturally water-resistant. As a result, nylon tents don’t experience shrinkage or weight increase when it rains.

However, some tentmakers choose to add extra coatings to their nylon tents. The types of coatings they use include acrylic, polyurethane, and silicone coating. Unlike in other tent materials, the purpose of protective coating in a nylon tent is to increase its durability.

If you want the very best nylon tent, you should opt for one coated with silicone. However, you may opt for an acrylic coating if you want something more affordable.

Additionally, several tentmakers add ripstop weaves to the fabric of their nylon tents. This is done to increase the durability and longevity of the material.

You may watch this video to learn how to waterproof your tent fabric.

Ease of Setup

The idea of pitching an 8 person tent may seem quite daunting if you haven’t been pitching tents in the past. However, there are several 8 person tents for camping that are specially designed for easy pitching.

If you want a tent that you can set up very quickly, then you should purchase an instant tent. You will be able to pitch this type of tent in less than two minutes. However, an instant tent isn’t the most reliable and durable camping tent.

You will have to overlook the speed of setting up your tent if you want a stable and reliable tent. A traditional 8 person cabin tent should serve you well if it’s made of quality materials. However, it may take up to 10 minutes to pitch.


Whether you are going to be camping in your large tent with your family or friends, the tent shouldn’t be made of the same materials as in smaller tents. An 8 person tent is more susceptible to being blown away by wind due to how it is spread out.

Hence, you need to need to find an 8 person tent that comes with reinforced poles. Steel is an excellent example of material used in reinforced poles. A tent with reinforced poles can be trusted to hold its weight and remain stable even in harsh conditions.

An 8 person tent will also be experiencing a great amount of traffic during your camping trip. So, your tent fabric should just be weather-resistant, but it should also be able to cope with the use and abuse that come with large groups.


There are several tents on the market that are classified as 8 person tents. However, you should note that this is just a blanket statement. Some tents can accommodate up to 8 adults conveniently. Meanwhile, some other tents can accommodate 8 campers in theory, but they are more suitable for groups with kids and children.

Before selecting an 8 person tent, you should consider taking a good look at the space it offers. Will it be able to accommodate your entire group? Where will you store camping gear? The best 8 person tent for you should offer special storage space for your camping gear. This will enable you to keep your tent organized.


Seasonality is another essential factor that you need to consider in an 8 person tent. Depending on your camping needs, you can choose either a 3 season tent or a 4 season tent.

3 Season Tents

This is the most common type of camping tent. 3 season tents are built to shield you from the sun, rain, light hail, and a little cold.

This type of 8 season tent will come with lots of mesh for improved airflow on sunny days. There should also be vents for proper air circulation.

4 Season Tents

4 season tents are built for wet and cold conditions. They come with double walls to offer superior protection from the rain and wind. Hence, they are highly suitable for winter and mountain camping.

They will keep you warm and shield you from inclement weather. Many of these tents also have vestibules where you can store your camping gear.

Interior Height

One of the best things about 8 person tents is how tall they are. An 8 person tent usually offers more than a dome tent that is made for smaller groups. If you consider interior height a necessity, you need to understand that several 8 person tents are just larger models of a regular dome tent.

As a result, the interior height that is listed in the specifications is just the highest point at the center of the tent. If you are in search of a tent that provides consistent headroom, you should go for a tent with a rectangular structure. The taller people in your group will be able to walk conveniently in this type of 8 person tent.


An 8 person tent is much heavier than the regular tent. So, it is not something that you can carry on a backpacking trip. 8 person tents are more suitable for car camping or campgrounds where you won’t have to haul your camping over a long distance.

You will find a family-style tent to be lighter than a cabin-style tent. However, even the lightest 8 person tents will weigh about 20 pounds. As for canvas tents, you should expect one to weigh up to 80 pounds.

Room Dividers

An 8 person tent will offer a whole lot of space for you and your group to do as you please. However, several models of 8 person tents also come with room dividers. With a room divider, you will be able to transform your large tent into a 2 or 3 room tent. This can be an excellent advantage depending on your camping needs.

For example, you may want to create a separate room for children if you will be camping with your family. This will make the trip more enjoyable for them while giving you and your partner more privacy. It can also be beneficial when you camp with friends. It will allow partners to pair off and give individuals a chance to stay alone.

If you want tent dividers, you should ensure that that they will be easy to set up and take down. I believe that you don’t want your tent wall to take more time than it took to pitch the tent itself.

Front Porch

The design of some 8 person tents includes an extended covered section. This feature can make your tent more functional, particularly in rainy weather. An 8 person tent can have two types of front porch extensions.

The first type is an extended flap that provides a dry area for you to store your belongings or relax outside your tent. You may use this space on both sunny and rainy days.

Additionally, the second type of front porch is a screened space that can be used as an extended room. The screened area will be particularly if you will be camping in an environment with lots of insects. The screen room is sometimes covered by the rain fly.

Windows and Doors

The placement of the windows in a tent will determine how much ventilation will be inside. It will be even more vital if you will be using room dividers.

There should be a large window on each side of a good 8 person tent. Also, some tents come with windows attached to their doors.

You should ensure that your tent has a closable flap that is independent of your rain fly. This will enable you to increase the privacy and weather protection of your tent when you want to.


You don’t have to part with a whole lot of money to get a good quality 8 person tent. Some decent options are priced between $60 to $100. Products within this price range will offer you the interior space you need.

They may also come with other features such as an additional door or front porch. These tents will be a decent shelter for your group but will lack the features of the more expensive options.

If you are willing to pay between $100 to $200 for an 8 person tent, there are several features that you will get. These features consist of an extended rain flap, room dividers, a screen porch area, and an easy setup.

Instant tents and larger tents are more expensive. Canvas tents are the most expensive and they may cost between $500 to $700.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up an 8 person tent?

This will depend on the type of tent that you have. An 8 person instant tent can be pitched in as little as 2 minutes. But as for the conventional options, it may take anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes.

Is an 8 person tent too big?

As its name suggests, an 8 person tent is designed to accommodate 8 campers. It can also be a perfect choice for a group of 4 that has lots of gear. As a result, you should carefully consider your camping needs before investing in an 8 person tent.

How often should I replace my 8 person tent?

There is no set rule for the replacement of 8 person tents. How often you will have to replace your 8 person tent will depend on the frequency of use and how you use it. A well-maintained 8 person tent should serve you for several seasons. However, canvas tents are the most long-lasting.

Can I put my 8 person tent away while it’s still wet?

You should never store a wet tent. There are several that could go wrong. It could rot, become smelly, and in the worst-case scenario, experience growth of mold or mildew.

What if I want some privacy in my 8 person tent?

If you plan to spend time away from other members of your group or family, you should opt for an 8 person tent that has room dividers. This will enable you to split the tent into separate rooms.

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