Best 6 Person Tent For Backpacking And Camping: Full Guide

by Ally Mash | Last Updated:   October 8th, 2022
Best 6 Person Tent For Backpacking And Camping: Full Guide

Whether you’re new to camping or just want a tent upgrade, it can be hard figuring out which of the many different types will suit your needs.

There are plenty of tents that can accommodate your needs and preferences; whether you’re into luxe camping with all comforts at arm’s reach or prefer something light as air without any bells and whistles attached. We’ve rounded up the best 6 person tents based on what we believe will best suit your wants & needs.

So let’s jump right to it!


What Is The Best 6 Person Tent?

Best 6 person camping tent

The Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Screened Tent is a wonderful six person tent that has a large and spacious interior that can fit 2 queen-size air mattresses. The square foot of floor extends to the outside of the tent, where there is a beautiful screen room that will allow you to lounge around worry-free of bugs. It is made from weather-resistant fabric, and it is large enough for six people to reside comfortably, making it a home away from home. This tent has a beautiful skylight that will allow you and your family to enjoy the starlit sky during warm weather.

It is one of the best camping tent models because it is not only large enough for 6 people but it can easily be used as a four person tent with a large amount of floor space for all of your camping gear. It has a cabin style design, as well, and the material is made of 75D polyester taffeta, and it has an entire WeatherTech system and rainfly that are designed to help keep you and all of your gear dry on the inside of the tent.

So, the bottom line is that this is one of the best camping tent models that not only provides a large amount of space, but its added features, like the screen room and built-in LED overhead lighting will allow the family a small amount of modern luxury, regardless of how far out they plan to go on their camping trips. Not to mention, the tent also comes with a small illuminated wall switch that can easily control the overhead LED lighting system.

  • Steel poles for stability
  • Comes with a rainfly
  • 3 season 6 person tent
  • Made from high-quality polyester taffeta 75D
  • Water issues with screen room

Best 6 person backpacking tent  

When looking through camping tents, the MOON LENCE Camping 6 Person Family Tent is the best overall tent because it has ease of use, and it comes with all of the necessary accessories, like a carrying case to make traveling easier. One of the best things about this six person tent is that it can be assembled by one person. It has a dome-style design that can make it easier for one person to deal with putting up the tent, and the sides of the tent are made waterproof with the use of the rainfly. These are classified as three-season tents, and they are lightweight, which makes them excellent camping trips.

The square feet of floor in this tent is larger which makes it an excellent six person tent for anyone who wishes to go camping in fair weather and still be protected if it goes bad. It has plenty of bells and whistles that help to set it apart from other camping tents. Due to its lightweight construction, this is one of the best choices for backpacking tents because it provides you with a large living space, and this 6 person dome tent has enough square feet to allow for air mattresses and other camping gear that needs to be kept safe.

Unfortunately, these six-person tents do not have two doors, but it does have two windows and the door has dual zippers to help provide ventilation, which will allow airflow to make it through the tent, making it a livable space even in hot or undesirable weather conditions. It has easy setup instructions due to the 2 shock cord connecting poles and clips that it comes with, and this will allow you to get a good start on your family’s camping experience. Finally, due to its weather resistance features and full cover rainfly, you will be able to enjoy your camping experience.

  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Uses fiberglass poles
  • Round shape design
  • Lightweight and includes rainfly
  • Minor leaking issues at bottom seams

Best 6 person tent under $200

This Coleman sundome has a floor area of square feet that will allow up to six-person to have an enjoyable camping experience. Many people liked that it has a nice visual appeal compared to other 6 person dome tent models. This meant that six people can reside in the interior space and still have plenty of square feet of space to sleep and keep all of their gear. It uses darkroom technology that makes it the best camping dome shape tent on the market. Although this dome shape model doesn’t have two doors, it does have a large vestibule that provides you with a convenient space to relax outside of the tent.

This model comes with an e-port that allows you full coverage of modern and rustic gear that might not be usable with other models. The poles are fiberglass poles, which helps to provide stability to the integrity of the tent, and it comes with a 1-year limited warranty to help provide you with peace of mind on the purchase of the tent.

These camping tents have easy setup instructions, and the floor area is large enough for six people to relax and sleep comfortably. It comes with a full-coverage rainfly that helps to provide weather protection that is lacking in other tents, and its pole structure provides plenty of interior space. It is made from high-quality materials, and the overall design is lightweight, and the bottom line is that this six-person model has a pre-attached vestibule space, but the only thing that could make it better is if it had two vestibules.

  • Uses dark room technology
  • Designed as six person tents
  • Allows people to stand upright
  • Has a front vestibule
  • High positioned windows

Best 6 person instant tent

This tent comes with near-vertical walls, and it comes with two vestibules that add several square feet to the tent’s space to make more room for six person gear and sleeping arrangements. When looking for a tent on the market, this one has floor dimensions that make it spacious and comfortable on the inside, and it can fit 2 queen-size beds with ease. The roof is made from a breathable micro-mesh, and it has 3 windows with a dual-zippered door that helps to provide plenty of ventilation.

Unlike other tent models, this one uses unique material and techniques to make it durable, and it uses a 120G PE floor and reinforced sealed seams to provide you with protection from different weather conditions. This six person three-season tent can be used for a number of family outdoor activities, and it has a quick setup that can be done by a single person in mere seconds of arriving at your destination. It is large enough to house a whole family, but it is small and lightweight enough to be carried in a backpack or carried on a bicycle or motorcycle trip.

This tent comes with a carry bag that makes it easy to get from one place to another, and the door extension on the tent can become an awning, which is nice for you to be able to sit and relax under after a long day of hiking, fishing, or other outdoor activities. This tent is excellent for summer weather, but because of all of the ventilation features, it might not be the best in colder weather situations, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t work just won’t be as effective in keeping you warm as it will cool.

  • Made from durable and quality materials
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Designed to easily setup
  • Has several ventilation features
  • Not excellent at water-resistance

Best 6 person cabin tent 

The KAZOO Family Camping 6 Person Tent has a lot of excellent features, like aluminum poles that help to provide the tent with stability. It has a rainfly that is made from high-quality ripstop polyester. It comes with a full-coverage rainfly that helps to prevent any rain from getting into the tent, and it has two doors and two windows that help with providing it with ample ventilation to remain cool throughout the summer months. It has a large mesh wall and ceiling, and it even has a large porch area for the entire family to sit outside of the tent and relax after a long day.

It has excellent details in the stitching to help ensure that it will last for seasons, and it even has a large interior mesh pocket that will allow you to keep things safe while out on the trails, lake, or other camping activities. The internal space of the tent is large and spacious and it has a popup design that makes it quick and easy to set up in 5 seconds or less. This helps to allow you to get going with your camping trip and the various activities that you have planned.

Kazoo has been manufacturing tents for many years, and this is one of their top models. It is important to note that this tent does come with easy-to-follow assembly instructions, but a few people have mentioned that it can be a little difficult to disassemble when it is time to head back home and round out the camping trip. However, the overall features of this tent outweigh that one con, and it just means it will take a little more time taking down the campsite than getting it up and going.

  • Has simple popup design
  • Uses sturdy aluminum poles
  • Lightweight and waterproof design
  • Optimized for ventilation
  • Difficult to take down

Best 6 person canvas tent

DANCHEL is a well-known manufacturer of tents and other types of camping equipment, and this is one of their best six person teepee tent models. This tent is capable of housing up to 6 people safely, and the entire tent and accessories only weigh between 25 and 30 pounds, which is just the right size when you have to travel to your favorite camping trip via backpacking. For proper ventilation, this teepee tent has 3 ventilation windows, 2 transparent windows, 3 ventilation holes, and a high door that will allow plenty of air to circulate, which is meant to help keep everyone cool on hot summer nights.

Depending on the size of each individual, this tent can easily hold six people, and it might even be able to accommodate up to 8 people if some are smaller or children. This also means that it has plenty of space on the inside for not only people but all of the gear that needs to be kept safe while out adventuring. The tent is made from a silvered coated fabric that helps to provide you with UV protection up to 99 percent, and it is classified as rainproof up to 3000mm, which makes it perfect for camping in most seasons without you having to worry about yourself or your things getting wet in a freak rainstorm.

Unlike other tents, this one comes with a center pole that helps to provide the tent with integrity from the inside, and it will help to keep the top of the tent from collapsing over the many uses or under the pressure of external winds and pressure. Finally, this tent can easily be put up with just two people, and if it has to be put up by a single person, this is possible but it might take longer than expected.

  • 3-season tent design
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Uses metal poles for stability
  • Includes everything to set up the tent
  • Takes approximately 20 minutes to set up

How To Choose The Best Tent For Camping With Friends Or Family

There are different kinds of tents for various weather conditions and terrain, which makes it very difficult to choose a tent that is suitable for you. In a nutshell, choosing the right tent will depend on how many people are in your group, how long you are traveling and how long you want to spend setting it up.

To further help with choosing the best 6 person tent, here are three main points to consider when choosing your tent. 

Tent Capacity

This is the most important part to consider when choosing a tent. Nowadays you can find tents designed for anywhere between 1 and 12 campers. When you think about the tent capacity, it is more than just the amount of people that will be staying in the tent. Think about where you are going to cook or chill out when you just come back from a walk.

A tent is more about space and a home from home as well as it being a place to sleep. Therefore, you should choose a tent that is designed for a group slightly larger than the one you are traveling with so you have room to move around and store your gear. 

Tent Type

After you have considered the tent capacity, you then want to consider the type of tent that is suitable for your needs, because some tents are suitable for large groups and some are lightweight enough to carry on your back while hiking.

In general, there are three main tent types, namely cabin, dome, and instant tents.

Dome tents are made up of two flexible poles that cross at the top of the dome and bend to be anchored to the floor on each of the four dome corners. This makes them lightweight, affordable, easy to put up and take down, and can withstand adverse weather conditions. They are great for hiking and backpacking, especially when going for a longer time, but keep in mind that they usually don’t offer enough room to stand in. Thus, if you are planning a car camping trip for a short week away then this type of tent is ideal, but any longer than that and you may want to look for a different one.

Cabin tents are usually made up of aluminum poles that fit together to create the frame of what looks like a cabin. Some cabin tents are even divided into rooms with internal dividers, making them ideal for dealing with noisy children or snoring friends. Another great advantage is that it is possible to stand in them, but the disadvantages are that they tend to be heavy and are more complicated to set up than a dome tent. Thus, if you are going to be camping for a long time and driving to and from your campsite then these are a great option as they are often more durable and comfortable which is great for a big group.

Instant and inflatable tents have technology allowing them to self set up in under 3 minutes. While they might be less durable, they give you the freedom and flexibility to arrive at your campsite and have your shelter set up quickly which means you won’t have to rush to get there before sunset.

A good rule of thumb is to think about how long you want to spend setting up and packing down your tent and do a trial run at home so you know what to expect when you are out camping.

For more information have a look at our tent buying guide.

Tent Type

The final thing to consider when choosing your ideal tent are the features that come with it. So think waterproofing and soundproofing, how condensation proof and well ventilated the tent is, and other features such as blackout bedrooms and stash pockets for your gear.

The following points will help you decide which tent features are must-haves for your tent. 

Frequency of Tent Usage: When you are weighing out which tent to buy, think about quality versus costs and choose the one that’s right for your camping needs. There’s no point spending money on a large tent if you don’t need it. A more expensive tent will tend to be of higher quality so if you intend on camping regularly, a premium tent will last you for years to come. In terms of tent features, choose a good quality non-rusting zip that will make your tent last a long time, keep you secure and make sure no creepy crawlies get in throughout the night.

Expected Weather Condition: Tents have a waterproof rating that helps tell you which season they are suitable for. Choose one with a higher waterproof rating if you are going to be camping in wet or snowy conditions. It is also important to remember that the waterproof rating is only one factor in determining a tent’s overall ability to withstand water.

This means that it can still leak if it is not stitched correctly, the seams are not treated with heat taped seams, or if the tent is poorly designed and water finds its way through places like zips or windows. Therefore, you should also look for tents that have a durable floor made from a strong fabric and if possible a rainfly to protect you from rain or help you retain a little extra warmth.

Most likely you will be camping in the summer when it’s warm, so you might want to look for a breathable material like canvas to allow air to circulate through the material and/or tents that have heat-reducing fabric, making it better to resist the sun UV rays and thus heat in your tent. In addition, Mesh doors and windows help prevent moisture from building up inside the tent but these tents can be less waterproof than those without ventilation. 

Type of Travel: If you are planning on backpacking then look for a tent with a waterproof fabric that is thin and light and sturdy poles which are made of relatively lightweight materials such as aluminum and fiberglass. On the other hand, if you are planning on traveling by car and thus doing some car camping, look for a tent with a waterproof fabric that is thick and durable. In any case, make sure to use ropes or guy lines to keep your tent fastened to the ground and help drain water away from your tent. For the folks who love sneaking back in their tent at night, look for glow-in-the-dark ropes so you don’t trip at night. 

Gear Storage: If you like to be organized, look for a tent with internal pockets and a hook on the ceiling where you can hang a light. In case you want the ability to store your wet or muddy gear outside your tent without them getting wet then look for a vestibule, which is a covered porch area in the front or side of the tent. While you are at it, be sure to get a bag that is bigger than your tent to make packing it away easily and to help the tent air out while it’s being stored. 

Key Insights and Takeaways

Best 6 Person Tent

So there you have it, a list of the best 6 person tents that are categorized based on your needs. When you’re looking for a tent, it’s important to keep three main points in mind.

First and foremost: Size matters! You’ll want the right size of tent that comfortably fits your needs. Second is protection from rain or other elements- so make sure there are no holes on top where water can leak through if it rains unexpectedly (or even during long periods). And third, try to find tents with additional features like lights inside to help when camping at night time.”

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