Best 12 Person Tents For Epic Family Camping & Festival Fun

by Julie | Last Updated:   October 8th, 2022
Best 12 Person Tents For Epic Family Camping & Festival Fun

Camping is much more exciting when you go with your entire family. It will give you a rare opportunity to bond with your loved ones away from home. You will also have more peace of mind when you have your kids around you.

However, there are some questions that you need to answer first. How do you find a tent that’s large enough to accommodate your entire family? Is there a tent that can provide you and your partner with a separate room?

Fortunately, you will be able to find an answer to these questions in a 12 person tent. 12 person camping tents are designed to offer campers multiple divided rooms so that large groups can stay in them and still have the needed privacy. They also have enough room for you to prepare your favorite meals without a fuss.

Additionally, the sheer amount of space in a 12 person tent means that you can go camping with your favorite mattress, chairs, and other pieces of furniture.

Sounds great, right?

Now, let’s take a look at the best 12 person camping tents available on the market.


Review Of The 5 Best 12 Person Tents

In the outdoor industry, several brands are committed to manufacturing high-quality 12-person tents for the best experience in the wild. You will be able to find these tents on Amazon but they come with varying features and specifications. Hence, finding the perfect option can be quite tricky.

To save you time and money, I’ve selected only the best products from the most trusted brands for my list. I will also be telling you the product that I’ve chosen to be the overall best 12 person tent at the end of this section.

Eureka Copper Canyon LX

If you are in search of a 12 person tent that can offer you adequate weather protection without the weight of a canvas tent, then this can be a good choice for you. The Eureka Copper Canyon LX is built for 3 season use and will be an excellent shelter in the rain. Yet, it is lightweight.

The tent’s frame is very durable because it is made of steel and fiberglass. You will also find it easy to assemble when you have a helping hand. If you have a very tall person in your group, you have nothing to worry about. The tent stands at 7 feet, so there is a whole lot of headspace.

You can split the tent into two rooms so that you can have some privacy away from your kids or friends. Also, you can transform it into a cabin by placing your chairs and table in one room and sleeping bags in the second one.

Additionally, the substantial floor space means that that there’s enough room for the group to sprawl out at night. However, everyone can’t bring an air mattress. It can take four queen-sized beds which should be good enough for small groups.

  • It has a durable frame
  • It offers several storage pockets
  • It is freestanding
  • The room divider is detachable
  • It has a gear loft
  • It doesn’t have vestibules
  • It is not suitable for harsh weather conditions

KTT Extra Large Tent 12 Person

This is a 12 person cabin tent that is a great choice for families. It has 3 doors and two rooms. I feel that it is more suitable for summertime and calm weather conditions.

The 12 person tent has near-vertical walls that give it a unique appearance. This design also provides campers with abundant space. You and the rest of the people using the tent should be able to stand conveniently in it as its height measures about six and a half feet.

Additionally, the front canopy area is very large and it features 3 doors to allow campers to get in and out easily. There’s an extra zipped that provides access to the main tent area. As a result, the space in the tent can be used for other purposes when it’s not housing up to 12 people. You may use the canopy as a relaxation spot or storage area.

The tent is built to provide all the ventilation you and your family may need. The roof, windows, and doors are all made of mesh. Also, you will have the option of using the front door panel as either a sunshade or canopy. The mesh roof will provide you with a great view and you may take things a step further by hanging a light.

  • It is a tall tent
  • It comes with 3 doors
  • It has several windows
  • It can be used as an awning tent
  • It doesn’t have floor vents
  • It is heavy

Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

If you want a tent that offers flexible space, this is 12 person cabin tent will be an excellent choice. It has an area of 18 × 10 feet and has two dividers with which you can create three rooms. Also, there are entrances both in the front and back of the tent so that it can be used by multiple people.

Though it is a large cabin-style tent, it is very easy to set up. Its pre-attached poles will enable you to set it up in two minutes. Cool air is transferred into the tent via floor-level vents while warm air is removed through the mesh roof. It is manufactured using 68D polyester and 600mm waterproof coating.

You may place three queen-size air beds in the tent if only about six people will be sleeping in it. However, it will be able to take up to twelve people if everyone will be using sleeping bags or the majority of the group are children. The tent will also provide you storage space for your gear.

The 12-person instant cabin tent is suitable for all weathers and seasons. Also, you will have light coming into the tent even when you cover the windows and doors. You may remove the rainfly when the weather is right to allow abundant light into the tent. This will be perfect for stargazing.

  • It is designed for instant setup
  • It features H2O block technology
  • It provides excellent ventilation
  • It comes with a rainfly
  • It doesn’t have vestibules
  • There are no storage pockets

Ozark Trail 12-Person Base Camp Tent with Light

With a diameter of 16 feet, this 12-person dome-style tent has a lot of room to offer. It also has a peak height of 7.66 feet and this makes it one of the tallest tents of its kind. People of all heights should feel comfortable in it.

My favorite feature in this camping tent is easily the lighting system. The LED string lights are hung around the interior of the tent and can be set to low, medium, and high. Hence, you will be able to create the perfect ambiance for your evenings. The lights can either be powered with a power bank or batteries.

Additionally, the tent has a complete layer so you won’t be needing fly covers. The only information provided by Ozark on the material is that it is manufactured with polyester. However, the reviews from users hint that it is most suitable for light rain. While the tent’s water resistance is in doubt, you can rely on it to protect you in windy conditions.

The tent’s frame consists of 10 fiberglass poles and as a result, it is bulkier than a tent of its size should be. But since the poles are color-coded, you will find it easy to set up. The windows come with zippered mesh panels to keep out the elements of the weather and offer you adequate ventilation. There are several storage pockets for your camping gear.

  • It is very tall
  • It is freestanding
  • It is spacious
  • It comes with integrated lights
  • It doesn’t the best rain protection
  • It is heavy

TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Tent

Do you want a 12 person family camping tent that is built for all weathers? If yes, then you should check out a canvas tent. Canvas tents have several advantages but this doesn’t mean that they are suitable for every camper.

The main advantages of the TENTON canvas tent are that it can withstand any storm and it has a huge front door that will let light in round the clock. It is also the tallest tent on the list. On the downside, it’s not the tent for you if you need privacy as it only offers one room. It is also expensive and bulky.

That said, the tent comes with some cool features. First, it comes with built-in vents to ensure that you don’t get smothered by the thick fabric. The tent also has an electric cable port with which you can light it up once the sun goes down.

For entertainment purposes, you may convert the tent to a canopy. All you have to do is to zip off the tent floor. Finally, the tent offers optimal weather protection and is very durable. The reinforced seams and welded floor will ensure that there are no leaks.

  • It is highly suitable for families with kids
  • It is resistant to heavy rain and winds
  • Great amount of headspace
  • The large door doubles as a window
  • It is bulky
  • It doesn’t offer privacy

Our Top Choice

All the 12 person tents that made it into my list are guaranteed to be a good investment depending on your camping needs. However, I still have to choose my best 12 person tent.

The best 12 person tent on the market today is the Eureka Copper Canyon LX. You will find all the features that you could ever need in this tent. The cabin-style tent is built with a long-lasting material and has enough room to accommodate several campers.

You can also rely on the tent to keep you and your family safe during unfavorable weather conditions. Finally, tall campers can move around conveniently in this tent as it has an incredible 7-foot ceiling!

How To Find The Best 12 Person Tent

Before you go ahead to purchase any tent, you need to understand that not all tents will work for you. This is because each tent is built differently from the other. So, to find the best 12 person tent for your needs, you need to know the right features to look out for.


If you want your family or group of friends to sleep comfortably in your 12 person tent, the factor you have to consider is the size of the tent floor.

Think about it. Some tents offer just about 170 square feet while others offer up to 250 square feet. Each category of 12 person tents is advertised to accommodate 12 campers. Which would you rather buy if you will be camping with a group of friends?

The majority of 12 person camping tents on the market can only house 6 campers comfortably. If your group is larger than that, then floor space is something that you can’t afford to overlook.

Additionally, you should go for a tent with a generous peak height if there is a tall person in the group. If not, such a person will have a difficult time moving around the tent.

Rooms and Dividers

Room dividers enable campers to take full advantage of their 12 person camping tents. With one, you will be able to organize your large tent and give yourself some privacy.

The best 12 person tents will either have two or three rooms and you should be able to fit at least one queen-size mattress in each of them. Though it didn’t make it to my list, the Ozark Trail is an excellent example of a 3 room instant cabin tent.

Weight and Packed Size

12 person tents aren’t designed to be carried in backpacks or on long hikes. However, you still shouldn’t overlook the weight of the tent that you will be buying.

There is a good difference between transporting an 80 lbs tent in two different carry bags and transporting a 40 lbs tent in a single carry bag. You should be able to carry the latter on your shoulders.

In the end, it comes down to the storage space available and how you plan to use it. So, you just have to ensure that you can handle the weight and bulk of any tent that you will be buying.


One thing that can prevent you and your group from having a pleasant camping experience is rain. But while a rainy day during a camping trip can be unpleasant, it will become even worse if your tent can’t hold up against the element.

Hence, a good tent should offer excellent weather protection. To know how well a tent can protect you from the rain, there are three features that you have to check. They include the tent’s fabric, the design of the rainfly, and the seams.

The larger your rainfly, the greater the coverage it will offer. A rainfly that properly covers tent walls and windows will be a reliable line of defense when it rains.

While any good quality tent should also have a waterproof floor, it is even better when the walls are also water-resistant. This will make the sections that aren’t properly covered by the rain fly more rain-worthy.

In case you are considering waterproofing your old tent, then have a look at this guide.


Campers usually have to find a balance between durability and weight when buying a backpacking tent. However, things are much different with 12 person shelters. One essential thing that you need to understand is that superlight 12 person tents are no good.

So, you should always opt for a highly durable material when buying a 12 person tent. Tents that are made of higher Denier fabrics are much better than the ones made of lower Denier fabrics. For example, a 150D material will have a more rugged build than a 65D material.

You also have to think of your tent poles. The most durable tent poles are usually made of metals or alloys. Remember that you shouldn’t be bothered about weight. So, you shouldn’t be having second thoughts about steel poles. Instead, fiberglass is the material that you should be bothered about.

But while metal poles are the better choice, it doesn’t mean that all tents with fiberglass poles are bad though. For instance, the Eureka Copper Canyon comes with a blend of metal and fiberglass poles. The metal poles are placed in the more crucial areas to guarantee durability.

Ease of Setup

The ease of setting up your family tent shouldn’t be an issue if you will be camping with a group that has a few grown-ups.

However, this shouldn’t doesn’t mean that you should overlook the ease of pitching and tearing down your new 12 person tent. This is because you just might need to do it all alone someday.

As a result, I recommend that you go for a tent that its poles are pre-attached. A tent that features color-coded poles and body systems is another good choice.


Another feature that you should look out for in the best 12 person camping tent is storage space. This is where you get to store your belongings and it may either be in the form of a gear loft or a vestibule.

You will have to keep your camping supplies in the tent itself if it doesn’t have storage space. This will make it more difficult for you to keep your tent organized.

Climate and Seasons

I included a few cabin-style tents in my lists. The common features of this type of tent are the small rainfly and mesh ceilings. They also have several windows and provide great views.

As a result, cabin-style tents are perfect for summer camping but unsuitable for cold climates. On the other hand, tunnel tents are better more suitable for cold climates. You just have to ensure that your tunnel tent has an enclosed construction.

Use Frequency

You should consider how frequently you will be using your 12 person tent before picking a particular product. If you will only be camping once a year, then there is nothing to worry about. However, you have to carefully select your family tent if you will be using it more frequently.

Camping tents experience wear and tear depending on how often they are used. So if you are a frequent camper, you need to ensure that your tent is made of high-quality materials. This is the best way to ensure that it is long-lasting.


The tents in this review come with different types of entrances. Some tents have a single door while others have two doors. Some tents also have an extra entrance at the rear. Choose with the knowledge that the tent features that you select will determine the convenience of your camping experience.

Are 12 Person Tents Allowed on All Camping Grounds?

One of the main challenges of investing in 12 person tents for camping is that they can’t be used on all campsites. Though most campgrounds are usually happy to welcome large families or groups, large pitches may not be allowed. I’m sure you don’t want to want to be in a situation where you visit a campground with your family and there is no room for your tent.

However, this shouldn’t discourage you from purchasing a 12 person instant tent as it is a situation that can be easily be avoided. All you have to do is to call the campsite to ascertain if they have enough room for your 12 person tent. Remember to check the dimensions of your tent beforehand.

You may click on this link to find a campground near you.

What Makes a Good Tent?

There are several features that a good tent should have. However, these are the most essential:

If a tent ticks these 4 boxes, then you can be assured that it is a good tent. All other features are secondary.

The Benefits of Investing in a 12 Person Tent

Since you will be making a significant investment when buying your tent, it is only right that you have an idea of the benefits that you will be getting. The main advantage of having a 12 person tent is all the room that you will be getting. Though you can choose to have multiple small tents, it is much better to have everyone in a single place.

This is even better when you take your kids with you so you don’t have to worry at night. Also, it will be more convenient when you only have to pack one tent for your camping trip. Setup will be much simpler too.

Another benefit of having a 12 person tent is that you can divide it into separate rooms for privacy. Finally, you can use the extra space in various ways and this could either be as a small kitchen or living room.

How to Set Up a 12 Person Tent

The process of setting up a small tent is quite different from the process of setting up a 12 person tent. However, the major difference is the higher number of poles that you will have to deal with when setting up a 12 person tent.

Fortunately, you can have a look at this step-by-step guide to setting up a tent of any size if you are a beginner.

To get more familiar with the process, you should consider pitching your tent at least once before going on your camping trip. You may practice in the garage or backyard to improve your skills. This could be even more fun if there are kids around.

For a quick summary on how to set up a tent, have a look at the following video:

Set Up Specifics

Due to the large size of a 12 person tent, there are some things that you should know before pitching it.

To start with, your tent has to be anchored deep into the earth. So, you should go as deep as you can. If it’s your first time, you also need to keep the surface as level as possible. You should take your time to sweep the area before pitching your tent. The importance of this is to get rid of all rocks, sticks, thorns, and other things that can damage your tent.

Additionally, safety should always be your priority. There should be a reasonable distance between your tent and the campfire. You should also set up your camping tent away from the plants. Trust me, there will be nothing fun about setting up your tent near poison ivy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are 12 person camping tents easy to carry?

Though the heaviest tent in the review is the TETON tent, you should still find it convenient to carry it on a car camping trip. Most 12 person shelters are designed for car camping trips. However, they are not suitable for backpacking due to their weight and bulk.

How long will my 12 person tent last?

The longevity of your tent depends on several factors. These factors include the type of fabric, frequency of use, and maintenance. After each camping trip, you should always remember to clean your tent and get rid of any harmful objects. You should leave your tent to dry completely before proceeding to store it in a cool and dry space. Your tent should serve you for years if you follow these easy steps.

Can I get a 12 person instant tent?

Yes, some tents are designed for instant setup. A good example of such a tent is the CORE 12 Person Instant Tent. Though setting up these tents will take more time than a small tent, it will only take a few minutes.

Can a 12 person tent truly accommodate 12 people?

Yes, you can fit 12 campers into a 12 person, but this will only work if they are family or a group of very good friends. This is because the group will have to sleep in sleeping bags and be very close to one another. Meanwhile, you will only be able to fit in 6 people in the tent if you will be using air beds.

What other things will I need?

If you will be camping with a large group, a shower tent should be a good addition to your camping gear. A shower tent will make it easier for your group to bathe in the wild.

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