Best 10 Person Tent For Families & Groups: Top Picks & Guide

by Julie | Last Updated:   October 8th, 2022
Best 10 Person Tent For Families & Groups: Top Picks & Guide

So, you’re finally planning a big camping trip for a nice getaway from everyday life. The only issue is that you need a big enough tent for your family or friends.

Sounds like it could be a bit of a pickle, but good thing you found your way here!

We can help you narrow down your search by giving you our recommendations for the top 5 best 10 person tents you can find. Let’s make it easy for you so you can stop worrying about being able to fit everyone in a tent, and get to planning all the fun activities you’re going to do.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this is an important decision to make so we will provide you with all the information you need to be able to find the right tent for you. There is a lot to consider so let’s get the ball rolling.


Reviewing The 5 Best 10 Person Tents

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup in 60 Seconds

Coleman is a popular brand in the camping industry, so you know their products are top tier. Their 10 person cabin tent features instant setup accessibility, claiming that you can have this huge tent set up in just 60 seconds so you can get right into your camping adventure. The pre-attached tent poles are what contribute to pitching it so quickly.

This is a spacious family tent that measures 6 feet and 7 inches at peak height so anyone can stand freely inside. The 14′ x 10′ floor space is more than enough room to fit 4 queen air mattresses, and there is a room divider for additional privacy. The room divider is not entirely removable, but there is a zipper to open and close it and you can pull it to the side whether there is a way for you to tie it or Velcro it out of the way.

This tent offers maximum weather protection with welded corners and inverted seams. All of which prevent any water from entering the tent and soiling not only your clothes, bedding, and gear, but your camping adventure entirely. Do keep in mind that it is only a 1 season tent so it is ideal only for summertime.

Another major selling point for this Coleman 10 person tent, is the darkroom technology perk. It blocks 90% of sunlight passing through the tent material so that you can sleep soundly even late into the morning.

  • Instant setup you can easily pitch the tent alone in a matter of seconds takedown is is just as quick and easy
  • Huge and spacious
  • Customers remark on how well the darkroom technology works it definitely keeps out any light to allow you to sleep soundly
  • Customers have remarked that the rain fly is not included with the tent
  • It is not completely waterproof and may leak from the top if in heavy/steady rains for an extended period of time
  • Some customers don’t like that there are no windows on all sides of the tent
  • The zipper on the curved hinge door may be difficult to open and close

Ozark Trail 10 Person Family Camping Tent with 3 Rooms and Screen Porch

Ozark Trail has taken the camping scene by storm with its plethora of quality outdoor products. Now the very popular brand has produced the Ozark Trail 10 Person Modified Dome Tent with a screen porch, which is an excellent choice. The features and amenities of this tent cover what most people are looking for.

If you want to enjoy your time outdoors and sleep comfortably in a tent, then this one is for you. With the center height standing at 80 inches for headspace and room for 3 queen air beds, there is enough floor space to comfortably fit your family. There are 2 removable dividers so you can have the tent separated into 3 smaller rooms or one large room.

Featuring a mesh ceiling to enjoy stargazing at night, and 3 windows on the sides of the tent allow for excellent air circulation and cross ventilation inside the tent through the mesh walls. The front porch area gives you 30 square feet of floor space that is bug-free thanks to the screen.

There are a lot of small amenities that this tent comes with that just make camping life easier and more enjoyable. These features include the attached mud mat that helps you to keep the inside of the tent clean and dry. There is the E-Port for your electrical cord access to charging your devices, or power a fan, etc. There are hanging storage pockets to put your small, lightweight items out of the way and keep them protected. It’s the small quality of life additions that can make your camping trip more enjoyable.

  • Customers love that it’s large enough to fit a group of friends or family members easily
  • Simple and easy to set up
  • Durability and weatherproofing hold up as many customers have commented on how this tent withstood strong winds and heavy rain
  • A few customers have experienced leaks with rain
  • The attached mud mat is smaller than expected and the material is not ideal for scraping mud and dirt off your shoes
  • Can be difficult to put the tent away in the carry bag it comes with

Ozark 10 Person 2 Room Cabin Tent

This Ozark 10 person cabin tent prides itself on being confirmed waterproof so that you can enjoy your camping trip regardless of rain. It includes the rainfly, a factory welded 6-inch tub floor, taped factory-sealed seams, and 68D coated polyester fabric to maximize rain protection and leak prevention. They went above and beyond to create the driest tent out there so you can withstand what the weather throws at you.

Not only that but this 10 people straight wall cabin tent is spacious enough to comfortably fit 2 queen-sized air beds. This tent comes with a removable room divider so you can effectively create a 2 room family tent if you want to. It features a tall enough ceiling to fit standing adults quite easily, so you can walk and move around inside without difficulty.

Perfect for taking your family camping, this Ozark trail family cabin tent offers plentiful storage with the gear loft to keep all your stuff out of the way. There is also an electrical cord access port to easily connect your devices inside the tent.

It also features large mesh windows on all sides of the tent to provide extra air ventilation that will help when you’re summer camping.

  • Customers love how spacious it is and the several windows and mesh ceiling help on hot and muggy nights
  • Truly waterproof and great windproofing material that blocks cold breezes
  • Customers comment on how durable this tent is
  • Easy setup and takedown
  • Not instant setup but still fast
  • Some customers have complained of incorrect assembly and missing parts and insufficient instructions
  • Other customers have reported receiving the tent with a tear in it
  • Material is thinner than expected

UNP Camping Tent 10 Person Family Tents

UNP offers an excellent tent that includes quality of life features and plenty of perks to make this camping tent a top choice on our list. It is a very spacious dome tent so you can easily move around and fit 10 sleeping bags on the floor, or 3 queen-sized air beds. Also, there is a gear loft to store your clothes and other items to keep this family camping tent uncluttered and comfortable.

As a 3 season tent, it is best used in spring, summer, and fall when the weather isn’t too cold. This tent is designed with the utmost weather protection and waterproofing technology to keep you dry and protected from unpredicted inclement weather when on a camping trip.

The 185T PU1000mm polyester fabric this tent is made of ensures it. The rain fly is included, and there is a vestibular awning and extended awning design for the rain fly to prevent rain from entering the tent and leaks. On the opposite end when it is sunny and hot this tent features 5 mesh windows and a mesh ceiling for optimal airflow to keep it cool.

Some of the amenities featured with this family camping tent include a larger carry bag for making packing and storing your tent much easier, an access port for your electrical cords, a removable room divider, and patented foot sleeves for the fiberglass poles to fit more securely and make setup easier. This is a 10 person camping tent that should be heavily considered for your next family adventure!

  • Sealed seams
  • Durable enough to withstand strong winds and rain
  • Large and spacious
  • Pack down into a compact and easy-to-transport size
  • Customers exclaim how easy setup and takedown are with this tent
  • Zippers may be slow and occasionally get caught on the fabric
  • A couple of customers reported the fabric tearing at the seams when setting up

CORE 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent

Meet the CORE 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent, a durable and simple style family camping tent with the new and improved CORE H20 block technology that ensures water resistance and leak prevention. The sealed seams on all the windows and doors keep the moisture at bay so that it doesn’t seep through those potential weak points in the tent.

The great thing about this straight wall cabin tent is that it’s extremely roomy; you can easily move around and walk through this tent without having to duck down or limit your movements. The mesh ceiling stands at 7 feet 2 inches so anyone can stand without a worry in this tent. There is enough floor space to fit 2 queen air beds, and the room divider adds extra privacy when needed.

Another 3 season tent that is optimal for those above freezing camping trips. Summer camping in this 10 person tent will be especially nice with the advanced venting system that draws in the cool air from the ground and pushes the hot air up through the mesh ceiling. The several windows allow further cross-ventilation to keep you cool throughout the night.

There is plenty of quality-of-life perks with this 10 person tent, some of which include storage pockets, durable polyethylene floors for handling high traffic, and an electrical cord access port. Not only that, but this tent does come with a rain fly, guy lines, carry bag, both steel and fiberglass poles, 2-way plastic pole joints, and tent stakes. Always remember to open up your tent before your camping trip to make sure you have everything you need!

  • Customers agree that this 10 people straight wall tent is highly durable and capable of withstanding strong winds and rain with little issue
  • An exceptional amount of room, head, and floor space
  • Customers also love the D-style doors, especially the fact that there are 2 doors to enter and exit out of
  • Quality material and build
  • The door zipper occasionally gets stuck
  • Need a tarp to go beneath the tent floor because it is susceptible to getting punctures or holes
  • A couple of customers have had one of the tent poles break

The Best Overall 10 Person Tent

Which one, in the list above, do we think is the best 10 person tent? Our top choice would be the Ozark Trail 10 Person Family Camping Tent that also includes the screen room. What makes this dome tent a cut above the rest? As far as 10 person tents come, this one meets all the needs to fulfill having an awesome camping trip.

Every tent has its perks, this one just has more that would make your next family camping adventure a bit more relaxing and enjoyable. Not only does it have the space to fit 10 sleeping bags inside, but it can also fit 3 queen air beds. 137 square feet is an exceptional amount of floor space when it comes to a tent, and there are 30 square feet of floor space in the screen room. So if it’s super buggy you can hang out in this bug-free zone of your tent and still enjoy the weather and view of the outdoors.

Not only will your family or group of friends fit comfortably in this 10 person tent, but they’ll be able to comfortably move around with the 80-inch ceiling height, so anyone can stand up inside. There are 2 room dividers that can turn it into a 3 room camping tent for added privacy.

There’s a variety of hanging storage pockets for your devices, gear, and clothes to further keep the space open. As well as hangers for lanterns and an E-Port to plug in any of your electrical devices.

If you’re worried about inclement weather or the heat when summer camping, this tent has it covered. The removable rain fly and sealed seams make this 10 people camping tent water-resistant, so even if it rains you can stay dry and play some games inside while waiting for it to pass. The 8 guy lines provide stability and security to withstand strong winds as well.

On the opposite end when it is hot the three mesh windows and roof provide ample air circulation and cross ventilation to keep you cool at night. Remember how and where you set up your tent plays a large role in keeping it cool too!

If you are looking for camping tents and you need a 10 person tent for added comfortability and capacity, then this Ozark Trail is the best 10 person tent option for you. It made our list for a reason!

How To Choose The Best 10 Person Tent: Buying Guide

There are important qualities and factors to look for when choosing the right camping tent. It’s how we came up with our list, so let’s clarify what some of these things are. That way when you are deciding on which tent is best for you, you’ll know what qualities may be more important to you and what you prefer to have with your tent.


The most popular designs of 10 person tents are dome tents, cabin tents, and multi-room tents. Each one is different and you may find that there is one style you like more than others.

Dome tents are simple and easy to set up since they are such a common design, most people are familiar with them. They often follow the x-frame formula so the often fiberglass poles cross like an x.

However, their shape means that the peak height isn’t uniform, so if you aren’t in the center you have less headroom. But, when it rains, it also means that that the water should roll right off without pooling. 10 person dome tents can be more than spacious enough to fit your friends or family and have plenty of amenities.

A family cabin tent or straight wall cabin tent is just as it sounds. It is rectangular or square-shaped like a cabin with straight walls. This ensures that the peak height is uniform and you have the same amount of headspace no matter where you stand inside the tent.

You can even find instant cabin tents, which means that they can be set up within seconds. A 10 person instant cabin tent is great when you want to pitch your tent quickly because it’s getting dark, or so you can go off and enjoy the great outdoors as soon as possible.

They also sport an ample amount of room and may include extra storage pocket amenities like the dome tents.

Both 10 person dome tents and cabin tents often have removable room dividers so that you can turn them into multi-room tents. If you want the added privacy and to have a space to yourself, this is a great feature. Also, if you’re creative you can turn one of the room dividers into a sliding screen so you can project movies on it while you’re camping!

It’s your preference which tent would be better suited for you and the kind of camping trip you’re taking. Both are excellent designs.

Packed Size

10 person tents are not designed to travel long distances. They’re heavier than smaller tents and may be too large to try and shove into your backpack. It is a small price to pay when you are looking for space and comfort. You can live like a king while in the woods with a 10 person tent, but you will not want to take it backpacking miles out in the middle of nowhere.

Most 10 person tents come with a carry bag, some come with a larger size option carry bag so that it is easier to break down and pack away a tent this large. It is best to do this with 2 people too, it’ll be a lot easier that way.

When all packed up, a 10 person camping tent can weigh anywhere from 25 to 45 pounds. That’s an exceptional amount of weight, which is why it is recommended to not travel long distances with them. They are excellent at easy access campgrounds where you don’t have to carry it too far. Once set up you’ll know why so many people love camping in large tents.

Always, take your tent out and check all of the pieces before going on a camping trip. Whether it is a brand new tent or one you’ve had in storage for years, always take it out and check it over. It is vital to make sure you have all the components you need!


A 10 person tent should be able to hold 10 people and be able to have them fit in their sleeping bags essentially shoulder to shoulder. In all honesty, the size of this tent is much more comfortable for a group of 6-8 or even less. That way there is much more room and leg space to move around so everyone isn’t too cramped, and it is easier to keep all your necessary gear inside the tent with you and put in the storage pockets and loft.

Also, an important note is that 10 person tents are made with a peak height of at least 6ft so that most people are able to stand inside the tent and not have to stoop over. Typically the more feet of floor space in the tent will in turn mean the higher the ceiling height. If you have people that are 6 foot or more, then you’ll want to make sure you get a 10 person tent that has a taller peak height.

Remember that dome tents can have a peak height of 6 feet or more but it is not uniform. The further you are from the center, the lower the ceiling.

Price and Durability

Tents are not cheap and 10 person tents are especially not so. However, you usually get more than your money’s worth out of use. Like with anything, the prices of 10 person tents vary depending on the quality of fabric and materials, and the additional features. To find a reasonably priced tent you’ll need to examine the technical details and features for your best choice.

You can find a less expensive tent that has those important technical details and it’d still be a quality tent. You pay for the amount of added features and type of materials. So, consider how you’ll be using your tent, if you’ll be utilizing it constantly and in all kinds of inclement weather and conditions, or if it’s something you’ll take out once or twice a year for a weekend camping trip.

Next, you need to consider durability. This goes in hand with the features and details you’re narrowing down to find a cheaper tent that meets all of your needs. Durability has a lot to do with the material the tent is made out of. The fabric of the tent itself, the tent poles and if they are steel poles or fiberglass poles, the thickness of the tent floor, and if the seams are sealed and waterproof.

Those tent features are what you look at the most to determine the longevity and durability of a tent. If it meets your standards and if there are more pros than cons about the tent. A 10 person tent is an expensive, but vital part of your camping gear. It is important to choose wisely and do your research before making a purchase. A tent should be able to last for at least a few years, that also depends on how you take care of it too!


Is it waterproof? That is what everyone asks when looking at tents. This is an imperative question, it can determine if you choose that tent or not. No one wants their camping trip to end with the tent having leaks and notwithstanding a rainstorm.

Looking at the kind of fabric and technology is used in the structure of the tent will help you to answer that serious question. Most tents are made with either polyester, polyethylene, or some sort of poly guard material. This type of fabric is usually water-resistant but look at more of the specifics for the tent. Check the thickness or type it is to determine its water-resistance capabilities.

Commonly tents are built with water and weather protection in mind, like the CORE 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent. It features special rain technology: the CORE H20 block technology that prevents leaks and moisture from soaking through the tent. Also, all the seams around the doors and windows are sealed for added protection.

Rain flys are often made out of the same material to add an extra layer of leak prevention. The downside is that you never know how truly waterproof or water-resistant something is until you try it out for yourself. So, test out your 10 person tent before taking it out on that long-planned camping trip. Make sure there are no leaks or ways for much water to get inside the tent.

If you have to, you can even coat your tent with additional water repellent spray, which many people do anyway.

How long does it take to set up and take down a tent?

Normally, setting up a tent doesn’t take too much time. The first time learning how to set it up always takes the longest. At first, it might take you 40 minutes because you’re reading instructions and making sure you have everything you need. After that, you could easily cut the time in half, and then the more you do it the faster it gets.

Most tents are easier to set up and takedown with 2 people. It makes it go much faster and the help is appreciated when you are taking the tent down and have to pack it into the carry bag. That can sometimes be the hardest part if it is a tight fit getting the tent into the carry bag. It’s much easier if you have a tent that came with a larger carry bag to make packing it away easier.

There are different styles of tent that can make it easier to set up and take down. Like instant cabin tents, which you are able to set up instantly within a few seconds. Then there are dome tents that typically follow the basic x-frame design which is simple and easy to set up in a few minutes.

The key to not struggling with the setup and takedown of your tent during your camping trip is to practice before going. You should open up your tent regardless so you can make sure that everything is all situated right, and so you can get used to how your tent functions.

The Benefits Of 10 Person Tents

People don’t always want a 10 person tent to actually fit 10 people inside of it, but so they can have more room to freely enjoy their time relaxing and sleeping in the outdoors. It is a great family camping option when you have young kids and need the extra room for all the stuff that comes with bringing young children or toddlers.

A family cabin tent is especially nice for exactly that. Everyone can stand up inside of the tent thanks to the uniform peak height. Plus, it may just feel more spacious with the straight walls and cabin-like shape. The CORE 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent is an excellent choice for this purpose. The added features of room dividers make it even nicer if the kids (or parents) want to feel like they have their own room.

However, a 10 person dome tent like the Ozark Trail 10 Person Tent with the Screen Porch is another great option for this purpose. A screen room area is an excellent place for the kids to hang out or for toddlers to play.

On the other end, you do have the capacity to sleep 10 people in sleeping bags in a 10 person tent. So if you need to, you actually can. Though what most people get a 10 person tent for is to have just 2 to 4 people in it. That way you can feel like you’re living like kings and queens while camping! All that space and you can fit anywhere from 2 to 3 queen air beds inside the tent. It makes a difference when you aren’t cramped in a 2 person or 4 person tent.

You could be camping with style and comfort in a 10 person tent!

Key Insights & Takeaways

All the products listed above are the best 10 persons tents that we have researched and reviewed as great options for you. There is a variety of tents to choose from and all of them have different features, amenities, and qualities about them for you to find what best suits you. It is hard to find the right tent which is why we provided you with the list we did.

We’ve listed dome tents, cabin tents, and instant cabin tents of varying seasons, materials, and special features. Everyone has a different preference so we made sure to research tents to fit that. Like if you’re looking to be up late into the night having fun by a campfire and wanting to sleep in late in the morning, then there is the Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup that features darkroom technology to block sunlight.

Or if you’re looking for durability and rain protection then the UNP Camping Tent meets those needs with its waterproof and weatherproof polyester 185T PU1000mm fabric.

Then there are things like if you want a screen room, or electrical cord access port, storage pockets which are all those quality of life features that may make it or break it for some people.

At the end of the day, all we can do is help and provide you with a list and the information and features we look at to find the best 10 person tent. It is your most important piece of camping gear so it is best to be thorough!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best 10 person tent?

There are two top choices for the best 10 person tent, those being the Ozark Trail 10 Person Family Camping Tent and the UNP Camping Tent. The first is an excellent choice for a dome tent and the latter a cabin tent. We consider them the best because of the vast amount of roominess they offer, the room divider options, storage capacity, and quality of life comfortability.

The UNP Camping Tent is renowned for its weatherproof and waterproof fabric material, and customers comment on how durable and secure it is.

The Ozark Trail Family Camping Tent boasts the luxury of a screen room that has 30 square feet of floor space, and it has an easy setup design that is popular with most dome tents.

Both have mesh ceilings and mesh windows that offer excellent air circulation and offer similar added features like room dividers, storage pockets, lantern hangers, gear lofts, E-Ports, and more. Either one is an excellent choice so it is really your preference of whether you want a cabin tent or a dome tent.

Is Ozark 10 person tent waterproof?

Most tents are water-resistant and weatherproof. The Ozark is made of water-resistant fabric and features sealed seams to prevent any water from seeping inside or leaking. No tent is entirely waterproof, but they are built to be as close to completely waterproof as possible. This comes in the type and thickness of polyester material they’re made of, and the included rainfly.

The Ozark 10 person tent specifically is made with 68D polyester coated fabric that maximizes water resistance and protects against leaks. It also features a welded tub floor to make sure no water can get in through the bottom of the tent.

The best thing to do is to set up and test your tent before any camping trip. So, try out the Ozark 10 and see if its weatherproofing and water resistance meet your standards because it is made to be as waterproof as possible.

What size tent do I need for 10 people?

A 10 person tent will accommodate 10 people and their sleeping bags. They are literally designed with the intention to shelter 10 people, but that also means that 10 people can fit when laying down shoulder to shoulder.

If you want a bit more legroom, then upgrading to a 12 person tent is not a bad idea. That way it may be easier to move around and have more space between everyone, especially if you are looking to shelter 10 adults.

For kids, a 10 person tent should fit them just fine since they’re smaller and it’s easier to group them together. But for adults, a 10 person tent isn’t the most comfortable, and usually, 6-8 people are about how many you would want to fit inside and still have space to move and fit your necessities.

So, depending on the group you want to fit in the tent, you may want to go a step up to get a 12 person tent. That will definitely have more space to fit all your friends and family.

What is the best 12 person tent?

If you are looking for a 12 person tent, then one of the best options you can find is the Tahoe Gear Prescott 12 Person 3 Season Family Cabin Tent. It is an instant cabin tent which means you can set it up in a matter of seconds. This 12 person tent is huge, practical, and comfortable. This tent measures 20 x 10 feet with 200 square feet of floor space and 6.5 feet for the peak height.

It features an open airy design with windows and floor vents to maximize ventilation. It can also function as your lounge screen room during the day and your enclosed shelter during the night for a peaceful sleep. Including room dividers, shock-corded fiberglass tent poles, and rain fly.

The material of both the tent and rainfly are made from durable 190T polyester with 1200mm coating for water resistance and UV-light protection.

We would consider this the best 12 person tent that meets all of your needs. If you want more options to choose from then have a look at our review of the 5 best 12 person tents.

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